Journaling With Dina’s Gloss Sprays


Yesterday’s project was to work on a couple art journal pages for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends. I just happened to have some new ink sprays on hand and wanted to give them a try. Dina Wakley just released her new line of glossy acrylic sprays at Creativation. Of course I pre-ordered quite a… Continue Reading

Alice in Wonderland ATCs


What a fun swap! Creative Crafty Friends is trading Alice in Wonderland ATCs! I even had someone else ask if we could trade – so I made two sets of cards. Even more Alice in Wonderland fun to be had! I was already working on Alice art, so this swap was easy. Once I found… Continue Reading

Now At a Lower Price!


Amazon has just lowered the price for More Tangle Starts! I don’t know how long this will last but it is super news for now! Amazon has reduced the price by almost $7.50 and that is awesome! A paper crafter’s dream, there are so many different ways to use the pages in More Tangle Starts. Let me walk… Continue Reading

Faux Alcohol Ink Art


As an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen I get to sample and review all their awesome products and what I really love to do is use those products in ways they were never intended to be used! Recently I have been working with a lot of alcohol inks and I wondered if Zebra had a… Continue Reading



This is a test. If this message was real, you would be seeing art, art, and more art. And some awesomely creative and inspiring text to go with all the art. But alas, this is just a test. More specifically . . . . a test post. Hahahaha! If you should happen to be a fortunate… Continue Reading