Journaling With Gloss Sprays Day 2


Yesterday I showed you the first of two art journal pages I made for a swap in Creative Crafty Friends. I used Dina Wakley’s new glossy acrylic sprays for the base on a sheet of Harmony cold pressed watercolor paper from Hahnemühle. I cut that sheet of paper into two pieces and today I want to show you want I did with the second half.

I pulled together some supplies I wanted to use which included that sheet of paper cut into two pieces. All elements went straight into my sticker machine to make adhering them much easier.

After trimming my lady’s head to shape, I decided on this scrapbook set of stickers to top my page.

That sticker really didn’t want to stay stuck to the paper. It just couldn’t seem to get a good grip – probably because of the glossiness of the spray – so I lined it with a strip of scor tape and put it in place along the top of my page. How’s that for a run-on sentence? Hahahahaha!

I kind of like her off-centered.

Not sure if this is a Joggles stencil or not. I am sure they have a similar one but I know for sure this Dyestress ink pad came from Joggles. In this photo you can see one of those finger dabbers I keep mentioning for my dab and stab technique. Hahahahah! I have about 40 of them and I use 2 of them for everything, regardless of color. Hahaha!

Using stencils is an easy way to add some texture and layers to your art journaling. I really like this one. I don’t use it nearly often enough.

Doesn’t it turn out pretty? I didn’t have a lot of plans for this particular page. I was just going with what felt comfortable.

I really wanted to let the stenciled sections be the focus around my lady. I figured I would show you my Schmincke set up. One of them anyway. Hahaha! I love me some Schmincke watercolors! And I just used a water brush to pick up color . . .

. . . and gave my lady a makeover. A makeup makeover. Kelly Clarkson was wearing teal and pink eye shadow on The Voice the past few weeks and I thought this lady would look as pretty as Kelly did. So pink and teal eye shadow it is. And I really love the way she looks now. She is a cut out from a page of Jane Davenport’s papers.

I like her so much with the added pinks and blues and teal.

But she needed a little pop in those eyes. White gel pen to the rescue.

I have this really old sticker sheet that had these words on it. No idea where it came from originally but the words worked perfectly for this page. Just one thing left to do. Do you know what it is?

Hahaha! Yep! Ink those edges! And call her done and beautiful! And she is already in the mail headed out to wherever she is headed. I am working on swaps for 16 people so I don’t even remember where this lady and Queen Lollipop are going. But I hope someone loves them!

Harmony cold pressed paper and other Hahnemühle product with purchase links.

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6 thoughts on “Journaling With Gloss Sprays Day 2

  1. Those pinky peachy colours all work beautifully & the way you brought in all the teal elements to go with the tiny bit of it in the background is wonderful. Can see you enjoyed this one.

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