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As an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen I get to sample and review all their awesome products and what I really love to do is use those products in ways they were never intended to be used! Recently I have been working with a lot of alcohol inks and I wondered if Zebra had a product that could react like an alcohol ink. Let me show you what I did! 

Supplies needed:

  • Selection of Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens
  • Glossy non-porous paper – I used Tim Holtz’ Alcohol Ink Cardstock
  • Fineliner bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol – I used 91%
  • Air source – I used Tim Holtz’ Distress Marker Sprizter Tool

Select your colors. For this particular piece I chose two. Scribble one color on the piece of glossy cardstock.  Just back and forth, nothing fancy is required. 

Immediately squeeze out a line of isopropyl alcohol over the colored area. 

Use the air source to gently blow the alcohol over the colored area. As you propel air, the mildliner will start to move and blend with the alcohol. Rotate the paper as you work and keep squeezing puffs of air until you get an arrangement of color and cells of color that you like. 

The key is to keep puffing air and moving the paper, pushing color and alcohol to form up little cells and pools of color. Once I got to this point I liked what the alcohol and brush colors had achieved together and stopped.

Grab your other color of mildliner brush pen and scribble some color in a different area on your paper. Not rocket science – just scribble back and forth. Hahaha!

Squeeze a line of alcohol over the new color. 

Using the air source, begin gently puffing air onto the new color and alcohol, causing the color to blend and move. 

At any time during this process, if you are not getting enough movement simply add a bit more alcohol and keep applying air. 

This is what I had after these steps. I liked how it was looking and continued by adding more color swatches. And that is simple as repeating the steps of color, alcohol, air. 

Do not be afraid to let the color areas run into each other. By allowing the sections to merge I was able to pick up some additional shades of the original two colors. Just be aware of making mud – no one wants mud on their art.

Decide where you need to add more color and follow the earlier steps. 

Before you know it your piece of faux alcohol ink art will be complete. How do you know when it is done? Your heart will tell you.  Then move this to one side and allow it to completely dry. 

Now that you have a pretty piece of colorful background, what do you use it for? There are many ways to use these backgrounds in art journaling, collage work, bullet journaling and ATC art to name a few. I like to tangle them! What do I use for pens? Sarasa fineliners and Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen! My go-to tools! These pens work great over alcohol ink art!

Here is a sample of my tangle art on one of the backgrounds I made. Lovely results with great coverage of ink! And you can still see the beautiful mildliner brush pen faux alcohol ink in the background! My, that’s a mouthful! Time for the whole project? Minus drying time I spent about 30 minutes total – that includes making the color background and completing the tangling. 

Let me share a couple of my favorite backgrounds made with these mildliner brush pens and alcohol.

Can you tell what my favorite colors of mildliners are? Hahahaha! How did the Zebra mildliner brush pens work for faux alcohol ink art? Great! They move smoothly, blend beautifully making wonderful cells of awesome color, and drawing over them once dry is easy as can be using fineliners and technical drawing pens! Thank you to Zebra Pen for allowing me to share their product with you in unique and creative ways. Until next time!

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14 thoughts on “Faux Alcohol Ink Art

  1. So good to see you back in my morning line up. I was about to write to you and ask where you were.
    Have a good week.

    • it’s been a work in progress but my mail service finally figured out the problem 🙂

  2. Ooh I love how these turned out! I see so many cool images❣️❣️❣️

  3. It was lovely seeing your email announcing a post – missed those & it seemed odd. My favourite one is the yellow & green with that slate blue in the middle. Love your thinking outside the box too & superb step by step tutorial.

    • I enjoy using products in different ways than they were intended. it’s a challenge sometimes to come up with new ideas.

  4. I love working with Alcohol ink! It is a great paper for Zentangling. Smooth.

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