A Maine Spring


Every so often I like to show you what our area looks like. Where we live. Many of you read from different parts of the country, even different parts of the world. Right now most of us are social distancing and that makes taking photos of Maine a bit harder.

Mark and I are on day 14 of being cut off from everyone. Normally we go out for breakfast each morning, go to the dump once a week, the grocery store once a week, an occasional Walmart run. But at this point two weeks ago I was really getting stressed with this whole COVID situation and just wanted to hide from the world. So we headed into town for one last run. I probably could have picked a better weather day – this is the main road just down aways from our house. That is our neighbor Katie’s mailbox. It’s a bit sturdier this year since the snow plow kept getting it last year. Mailboxes have to be tough to make it in Maine.

We went into Hannaford’s – our grocery store – and got enough food to last for about three weeks. Four if we push it. On the way home we got a good ride in, and of course that meant checking Nickerson pond or lake or whatever kind of water it is for a possible beginning of a spring thaw. It’s almost fishing time. On the road into the boat landing we saw all these ice shacks. I’ll show you a better photo in a minute, but they all sit on runners. They pull these things out onto the frozen water with a truck, or an ATV, or a jeep and they sit there all winter. When the fishermen come to use them, they drive right out onto the lake and go inside these little shacks to fish. They drill a hole down through the ice so they can drop a line and fish from inside the comfort of their little buildings. Cut off from the cold and the wind. Some of them have little heaters. These shacks had already been removed from the ice for spring and were just waiting to be picked up and taken back home.

This is the entrance to the lake itself. We were sitting in the car. Everything you see in front of you would normally be water. But it was frozen over. We are told the ice can get as much as 18 inches thick when it is frozen. Two weeks ago and there was still snow on top of the ice. You can see where someone plowed a lane to drive. We are guessing this was to make it easier to remove ice shacks to take them home for summer. We don’t ice fish. I’ve said it before. If God wanted us to be driving and walking and fishing out on that ice he would have made us penguins. Not people.

This is a really nice ice shack and you can see the wooden runners. Hook this up to a vehicle and it can be pulled all over the ice.

You’ve seen this barn before. I can’t believe it is still standing. Each winter I expect it to collapse from the weight of the snow on its roof, but so far it is hanging in there. Not in use any longer. Thankfully. And Phillis, this is a different barn, not the one you painted 🙂 .

We learned that we could order groceries online and pick them up in the next town. A few days ago we decided to try it out and we really like how it went. We went through their virtual store and picked what we wanted. Paid online and when we got to the store I called and told them where we were parked. They brought the groceries to the car and loaded them without having any physical contact of any kind with us. I didn’t even get out of the car. It was wonderful. And now we know we can if we need to. On the way home we passed the bridge in Houlton. The ice is melting. Spring may be on the way after all. Hahahaha!

And we drove back by Nickerson. A little less ice and a bit more mush around the entrance. It won’t be long now. Maybe. Hahahaha!

Here’s another barn I’ve been watching. At the front bumper of the blue truck you can see flames and smoke. They have been slowly removing the boards from this barn since before the first snow. You can see all the hay is still there, it’s just starting to sag. Hahaha! On the left hand side the hay is falling all the way down to the ground.

We thought spring was almost here. The temps had been in the upper 40s the last couple days. Then we got up this morning to a fresh snowfall and it is snowing all day today. It’s beautiful but hey, I’m ready for spring. I like spring. And spring in Maine is beautiful. I will be able to show you in a few weeks. Maybe.

We have a new mail service now. Too many problems with the old one, and though I liked how easy it was to use it was not dependable. Christine will have her hands full teaching me how to use this new one. But at least you got emails yesterday and hopefully today. Unfortunately I did not get an email. Go figure. Hahahaha! Have a great day! Stay safe and hey! Go wash your hands! For real!

22 thoughts on “A Maine Spring

  1. I got the email! They are coming more at supper time rather than early am. Oh well! I hope this is not too silly a question but do folks stay overnight on their fish shacks? Just curious.

    Stay well and warm, summer’s comic’

    • I know people like to get these in the morning. I’ll have to see if I can figure that out next. Hahaha! Ice shacks. I would not think so just because they are so small. But I don’t really know.

  2. I got an email! Lovely country. It’s a bit shocking to me to see snow at this time of year. We only had a couple days this year, and it didn’t even stick here. Lovely photos!

  3. I liked your photos. We lived in Wisconsin for 12 years and ice fishing is really big up there. The bridge looked interesting, as also the barns, they have there own beauty even though they are falling apart. I tried the electronic grocery shopping today, didn’t like it. I will wear my mask and shop at 7 am physically tomorrow.
    My husband cannot help, he needs to be away from people for his health. Well thanks for the tour, stay safe.

    • I was surprised how well our online shopping went. You never Stay safe, too.

  4. Your photos are beautiful..like paintings.
    Being from Ma. I have seen my share of snow..now living in the South and having old bones, I do like the warmer climate..feels like was 93 today..Stay well and safe..

    • We left Florida because of those temperatures. I was having trouble breathing there. Now I’m so thankful we are in maine, kind of hidden away from the world and all that’s going on.

  5. As always I love seeing your photos of Maine.
    Thank you!
    Stay well❣️🥰

  6. Very pretty. Needed this as in isolation. Started a little drawing again today. Hands feeling so much better.
    hugs and blessings to you and your family.
    Keep safe.


    • You stay safe, too. Scary times but we will get through it together. Draw something fun to make you smile.

  7. I love seeing your area, Alice! We also live in snow country (near Lake Tahoe in Nevada) but typically we don’t get anywhere near the feet of snow that you get! We’re at about 6,200 feet, but in the Reno valley where we shop, it’s about 4,500. The difference in elevation makes a big difference! It’s an amazing time of year, both weather-wise and staying-at-home because of COVID-19. On the bright side, we artists can ALWAYS find plenty to do! I am (finally) reorganizing my studio so I will have a fabulous place to be creative if this staying at home continues for long! Thank you for continuing to post, Alice. It makes life seem more “normal”!

    • Thanks, Jan, glad I can help things feel normal. We have to all help each other get through. Have fun reorganizing. I do that a couple times a year then I can’t find anything. Hahaha!

  8. Love seeing your pictures and commentary. I get to visit Maine I the summer in Dedham. It is so beautiful there and very different from NOLA. Just a little slice of heaven.

  9. Always enjoy your photos and inspirations! For all your snow, we are having rain in the PNW today. Makes everything so nice and green. These are strange times indeed, but staying in touch with my creative community helps a lot. And all the extra time in my creative space is a big plus! Senior shopping times here also..zip in, zip out for the week!! May all stay healthy, safe and creatively inspired 😊

  10. Yeah, good to see you out and about safely. Beautiful country up there. At least you make it seem so. Take are and stay safe.

  11. I got notification too – so pleased. Have been sorting out a different email interface as I just couldn’t get on with the Windows 10 one. Decided to go for the same as the shop so I get properly trained on that by using it at home – gmail. Yesterday was first time we ventured out in 10 days, to the supermarket & was so so impressed by the courtesy of other shoppers & all the measures put in place by the store – really made it feel so much safer. The government mobilisation of everything for public safety & provisioning is hugely impressive, on a military scale. Never heard of ice fishing or shacks, you always educate in some manner or other……. & I’m made the richer by it. Keep safe.

    • I’m glad you got out for awhile. I think most people are trying to work together to make this a little easier. you stay safe, too.

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