1 For All and All For 1


An apt name for this particular swap! Haha! The admins in Creative Crafty Friends set up an event where we make and send one ATC to every person who signed up. A one for all and all for one kind of swap. My name for it – can you tell I’ve watched The Musketeers one too many times? Hahahahaha!

As it ended up I needed to make twelve ATCs. I wanted each one to be different but I also wanted them to be quick to put together. I had some new paints from Dyan Reaveley that were just released at Creativation and I thought they would work well. So out came the big gelli plate, three sheets of Harmony hot pressed watercolor paper from Hahnemühle and a handful of those new Dylusions Acrylic Paints. I was hoping to use my marble technique but these paints came out really watery and I had way too much paint on the plate. But I went with it anyway. Hahahaha!

I rolled the color back and forth, and up and down and was like, whoa! So I put a sheet of printer paper over this and lifted some of the color away. Then I put a sheet of bubble wrap over it, lifted some more color away and started lifting prints. As I needed more color – I added more. But this time I shook the bottles up really well. I had not realized I needed to do that when I started. So my best advice with these new paints from Dyan – shake the stuffings out of them first.

I got three sheets of beautiful color that I cut down into strips. Then I cut them even smaller into 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATCs. I liked the variety I had. I wanted to start with some texture/text added which I got from my Korean dictionary.

After tearing the pages into smaller sections, I first put down a layer of clear gesso where I wanted to add the paper. After putting the paper in place I covered it with another layer of clear gesso and used my heat tool to dry the pieces. See that little lump of gesso just sitting in the pink there? You can use your finger to smooth that out as you dry the gesso. And you can smooth out any lines or lumps or dimples in the paper the same way.

I set up all my ATCs this way then moved them aside to allow them to finish drying and setting.

I like being able to see the Korean characters, but I don’t care for all that white space. I used a little bit of this acrylic on my trash plate, added some water and finger-painted color right over the top of the text.

Not going for full coverage, just enough to make a difference. The lighter yellow colors came about when I mixed a whole lot of water in with the paint I had left on my trash plate.

The last thing I did before I started building the ATCs was to add some splatters with Daler Rowney acrylic inks. Simple to do with a fan brush.

About that time my little studio assistant Belle decided she needed to go for a break outdoors. Hahaha! No idea why she comes to tell me. So I sent her out to Mark. I can just say “go tell Daddy” and she does.

Here is my ATC-making setup. I have various images that have already been put through the sticker machine, which means they are ready to put in place. On the left are my sticker word books from Tim Holtz and Marlene. That box top has jewels and small embellishments that can easily be added.

And I started putting them together. I inked all the edges with a black Archival ink pad. Sometimes I ink the edges of the word strips, sometimes I forget. Hahaha!

Sometimes I take good photos and sometimes I even remember to check the pictures for clarity before I package them up and mail them away. Not this time.

Hahaha! This is one of my favorites. I sent this to a lady who said she likes girly girl stuff. Hahahahaha!

Another favorite.

I added a couple extra pieces to this one. I really like her, too!

That flower came from the fabric section in Walmart.

I love Suzy’s Zoo.

I used to have a lot of Suzy’s Zoo cards. Since we moved to Maine I can not find them. But I did locate the two that I used for these ATCs.

I even used stencils in a couple places for Taking Back the Studio!

Hahahaha! Another favorite! These all went out in yesterday’s mail headed to their new homes. I was really happy with the lot of them. Now on to Letters C, V, L and H. Eek! Creative Crafty Friends is where it is all happening.

Harmony hot pressed watercolor paper and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links

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4 thoughts on “1 For All and All For 1

  1. I’ve just had an idea – I filled out the subscription notification form again. Maybe that will fix things. I have another post I can see to catch up with from your sidebar but then shall be all caught up. At home from now on so will try to keep up with posts. What a lesson in making ATCs in batches but making them different.

    • I am not currently making more posts until I hear back from MailPoet. he lives in Italy, so I know he is flooded at work due to co-workers being ill. thank you for trying, though. I have one last idea to try but am afraid to try it without his approval in case I mess up something he may be working on. it was a lot of fun to make this last batch of ATCs. we have stopped swaps until this is over. glad you can spend some time at home but know it is for the wrong reasons. stay safe.

    • hahaha! yes! I am glad <3 I watch the BBC series The Musketeers when I am drawing sometimes. actually a lot of the times. hahahaha!

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