Zen-untangled! Week Six


Week six already! Can you believe it? Time is flying by as we work on Zen-untangled!

Week six began with some cool rice paper from Joggles. I hand tore the top and bottom edges and adhered the paper with a layer of clear gesso underneath. Then sealed it with a layer over the top. Drying this with a heat tool – not air drying – allows for next to no wrinkles or warping.

And here is the page dry. Minimal wrinkling and some of that you see in the middle just above the black butterfly is actually part of the design.

I felt like the page needed a little ‘more’ so I inked the edges with my cattail color Dyestress Ink Pad from Joggles. I even scuffed some color over the surface of the rice paper to grunge it up a little more.

Awhile back, Beth Broadway sent me this gelli print she made using acrylics and baby powder. The colors were perfect with the butterfly rice paper.

But I needed to draw my step outs before I started assembling pages. I have a ton of these scrapbook cards that come in different sizes. I pulled out a few with coordinating colors for my butterflies and drew my steps. If you are new to tangling – step outs are the instructions for drawing our patterns. You begin with the first set of red lines and draw those. Then each additional step also shows in red with all you’ve drawn before now being in black. Does that make sense?

Here is my first page for week six. I used scor tape to adhere the gelli print and my sticker machine to adhere the dragonfly.

Those are my pages for week six. The last thing being my string tile for the week. This tile was pre-colored by my dear friend Priscilla DeConti and sent to me along with some others that I will also be using along the way in Zen-untangled! Several of the patterns this week were very similar. The one I have the hardest time with is ibex. My brain and my hand don’t want to work together on that one. Hahaha! I tell the members of my group Tangle All Around – not every tangle is for every one. You work with them all a little and then you keep the ones that work for you. Want to join us? Just click here and I’ll meet you at the door.

I am still having problems with comments not being accepted. GoDaddy is working on it and assures me all will be right before long. Hopefully it will be.

8 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week Six

  1. Love how you did these pages! I can’t wait to get to week 6! It is no fun when work gets in the way!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excited that your comments are fixed – I saved this from yesterday, so now I can simply paste it!

    Beautiful spread this week Alice. And I love what you said about keeping the tangles that work for you. It’s fascinating working with some of the very old, rarely seen tangles. They are quite basic and rather clunky at times but have a certain simple charm too.

    • totally agree. I’m finding that some of them are very basic. almost too much. and I’m re-finding some I had forgotten about.

  3. Wonderful catching up with commenting again, glad you got that sorted & hopefully it’s all more economical. Love that dragonfly – these pages of yours are my favourites at present. Love seeing all the info about the tangles & how you present them.

    • I think you like botanicals 🙂 I do, too but I don’t use them that often. I am really enjoying putting this book together. and yes, I think this new hosting is going to be a good thing. so far, so good 🙂

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