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Well it seems like GoDaddy has the commenting issue resolved. Actually they told me what to do to fix it and I learned something. And they learned that I am not all that technically-inclined and we all had a good laugh. Hahahaha! We did!

Do you recall this foam stamp I showed you last week? I received it from Barb at Joggles and I had been waiting for the right excuse to use it.

Remember? I used two zendala tiles and some Distress Oxide ink and stamped the design. I thought I could use these to make some fun mandalas. Next time, though, I think I will focus a little more on getting the design centered. Hahahaha!

I had been wanting to try my hand at a zen button. You work in round layers and use some crazy shading and highlights to make each layer stand out. I didn’t exactly accomplish all that but I had fun and I like how it turned out. I started with a simple set up of circles and some sub-divisions. I went with the pink inked tile because it seemed more centered. And since it was pink, I tangled in pink.

Unfortunately, I did not think to take a photo of the tangling prior to the color but you can get the idea. I began my layers of color in the center circle, working with Faber-Castell EcoLapis de Cor SuperSoft pencils. A sweet lady in my group sent these to me. I chose five pencils in the same color family and started with the lightest color. I left the very middle clear, just coloring up to that point where the fescue stop.

The next layer was with a little darker pencil, still in the ‘light’ range and colored over the first color but not all the way to the ends of the fescue. If you look you can see where I stopped.

The next layer was with the middle color of the five I began with. This color went about halfway up the fescue and stopped.

Then I used the 4th pencil, the next to darkest color I chose to use. This ring of color only goes about 1/4 of the way up the length of the fescue. Each additional color should add more depth to the overall effect.

Lastly, I used the 5th pencil – the darkest in my pink family – and colored right around the base of the circle of fescue. At this point it was getting harder to differentiate the five separate colors.

To finish up the central section, I went back to the lightest color pencil and colored over all the previous colors – from the base of the circle to the top of the fescue. That’s a blending tip I use with my Copic markers. I thought it might work well here, too.

From there I moved on to the next ring and repeated all those steps on both sides of the band. Along the way I had trouble keeping up so I added a pencil line off to the side to use as a visual start and stop point.

For the last three rings, I focused on working from outside towards the middle of the circle. This presents a little different look from the traditional zen buttons you see on Pinterest. Those typically have a white highlight line through the middle of each band.

And my final. I used a white chalk pencil to brighten those white rings in the three outer bands and in the very center. I could not get the white pencil to work at all on that largest circle. My guess is these pencils are wax based. Next time I will try a different pencil and see if I get the white highlights to work better. I do love how this first effort turned out, though! And there is just enough of that foam stamp still showing to make it interesting.

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18 thoughts on “Working in the Round

  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog…post..Working in the round.Seeing each layer put down in several pictures is quit inspiring and Ireally love all the techniques you showed.Thank you for keeping me inspired and showing different ideas to try❤

    • you are welcome, thanks for being here. I keep looking for new things to do to keep ME inspired, too! hahaha!

    • and it did work AND I can comment now, too 🙂 couldn’t do that yesterday. haha! I think this is going to be a good fix for me. and thanks, this stamp is really cool. I think it will show up in art journaling, too

  2. Yiu really did a good job on your Zen Button. I have saved this to read again about the colouring process. When you mentioned the white pencil not working, I have the same issue. I normally use polychromo pencils , and I have my chalk pencil from a zentangle project. I will try again like you ,on sone other pencils.

    • it’s all a learning process 🙂 I’m going to try other pencils and I’m going to try just simple graphite with the white charcoal pencil

  3. This is lovely. The building up of the colour on Zen Buttons is time consuming but so worthwhile. Like you I find the white chalk stage doesn’t always work that well. I tend to use the chalk more when I’ve shaded only with graphite.

    • yes, I’m thinking that is what I will do with the next one. just stick to graphite. this is the first time I had done one of these. it’s a learning process like most of what I do. 🙂

    • thanks, Sandra, and I think commenting is back to normal. yayayay for perseverance. however you spell that. hahaha! this is a fun stamp. I think I am going to make another one of these.

  4. I rather like your version of a zen button. They do look wax based pencils to me as you can see the slight sort of fuzziness over your penwork after adding the pencils – like a sort of slight sheen. Interesting to see the way you layered these too & how you used your Copics experience………. Fascinating & original.

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