Once Upon a Frog


Once upon a time, in the land of the rainbows, lived a little magical frog with his little Rainbow Princess.

Actually the Rainbow Princess was a mermaid and she lived in a lagoon. A sparkling lagoon, but a lagoon nonetheless. The Rainbow Queen was called Hannah Lynn and she loved all manor of beautiful little girls and ladies that live and work in various locations.

Hannah Lynn loved for her children to have beautiful, colorful surroundings which comes in handy when you have a stack of gelli prints waiting to become habitats.

Now, all habitats need life giving water to thrive. His Majesty Daler Rowney to the rescue!

Looks like a speckled rain storm struck the land of the rainbows.

Liking things to be tidy and organized, definite borders were in order.

When borders and speckled rainstorms occur, the sparkling lagoon is able to create its magic. And the Rainbow Princess shimmers and shines and . . . sparkles. Because that is the way with magic.

And the sweet little magical frog smiles because he had a hand in the sparkle magic as well. Just who did you think brought the magic to the sparkling lagoon? ~ The End.

This ATC was made for the Letter F Swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Should you want to get involved in some swaps with us, just click here and join Creative Crafty Friends. It is so much fun!

This gelli print card base was made using Bamboo Mixed Media paper from Hahnemühle. The digital stamp was created on Bristol Illustration Paper, also from Hahnemühle.

Bamboo, Bristol and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
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