New! More Tangle Starts Now Available Worldwide


Available right now on Amazon .com worldwide – a brand new book in the Artangleology series featuring 100 full color pages of bright, beautiful backgrounds ready for you to use in your type of art! I have already done the hard part – now you get to play and have fun!

More Tangle Starts features one hundred pages of beautiful, bright color! No matter the kind of art you create – collage, art journaling, tangling, card-making, scrapbooking, life planning, mixed media, paper crafting – this is your book! From soft and subtle to bright and in your face color, you can find it in these pages. Work right in the book OR pull the pages out and create in your own journals. Let me show you some things I am doing with my copy.

I am first of all a tangle artist and I enjoy tangling right in the book. By drawing in the book itself, More Tangle Starts can become a tangle journal of my progress and of patterns I have learned.

I love this page in the book! I was playing with some new watercolors and practicing my pattern ribbon rose. In More Tangle Starts you will get the background without the tangles, so you can add your own drawing. Let me show you:

I love these colors!

There are pages in the book for you to test your pens and mixed media to see how they work. This book can handle it all! I would suggest if you work with wet media to add a layer of clear gesso to the page first. Easy peasy.

Tangling is not the only way to use More Tangle Starts. You can also art journal directly in the book, or pull a page out and work in your own journal like I did. This page was built in my Leda sketchbook. I used clear gesso to adhere some of these elements, tape runner for that ticket stub and scor tape for other pieces. They all work great!

Maybe collage art is your thing. I love this background in the book! The page is teal with the white bubbles and the rust colored wheels and gears, the rest are all pieces I added with the use of a sticker machine and a bit of scor tape. I removed this page prior to making, just pulled it out of the book and trimmed one side. Let me show you the original page:

Isn’t it beautiful!

Are you a scrapbooker? In Tangle All Around on FB we are working on a project I named Zen-untangled! All my work is going into one book that I am making similar to a scrapbook. Here is one of the backgrounds. These pages would make wonderful embellishments and photo mats for your scrapbook! They would also work well for card-makers. I don’t do that type of art myself so I don’t have a sample for you. Sorry. I’ll have to get Rochelle busy on that and add it.

I do make a lot of ATC art! Artist Trading Cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″ pieces of art. These backgrounds are perfect for that! Each of these three backgrounds were cut from actual pages in More Tangle Starts. Here is the page the Alligator ATC came from:

This is a new thought for me . . . to use More Tangle Starts to pretty up my planner! I know there will be plenty of uses in a life planner – or life style book – I just need to figure out what they are! Hahaha! Maybe you could give me some suggestions. I also thought about cookbooks, recipe cards, workout logs (cause I do so much of that! hahaha!), weight charts . . . the list could go on and on. More Tangle Starts is ready if you are! Let me show you a few more pages from the book:

This is the base of the cover I made for the book. All those strips are part of actual pages in More Tangle Starts. One hundred pages of awesome just waiting to fall into your hands! And yes, I appreciate your support so much! Have fun and enjoy . . . More Tangle Starts!

Most of these pages were created on papers from Hahnemühle FineArt.

More Tangle Starts on Amazon, also available on your Amazon located by your country

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20 thoughts on “New! More Tangle Starts Now Available Worldwide

  1. Beautiful project Alice . Hope it will be avaliable on Amazon India soon. I check this morning and it wasn’t 🤪. A big hands up for your creativity Alice it’s always a pleasure to discover your new posts

    • not yet, but it will be. actually I am surprised it isn’t already. I just checked, too. haha! thanks for looking <3

  2. Wow – what a blast of Alice-style colour and life!

    I’m not sure I’ll be buying this yet… I have a strict policy to only get stuff that I know I’ll use. But it’s lovely to see, well done, and I hope it does well and lots of people get to enjoy it!

  3. Yay! Somehow I knew it was a new book! I just started using some of these pages from your first book in my zentangle journal. It took me awhile to get the nerve to tear the pages out…..😂
    Of course I just ordered the new one!
    Thank you for all of the inspiration, Alice!

    • thanks, Gayle, yeah, tearing the pages out are kind of scary to start with. hahaha! I had a hard time making myself do it. thanks for supporting my books – I appreciate you so much <3

  4. This is a lovely post & so informative regarding the different uses – several I’d not thought of. Love the way you’ve used pages of it in your planner. I’ve not worked out what to do with mine yet – very tempted to use it for mats in scrapbook style of Zen-Untangled motifs, however ideas are percolating as to using pages like washi tape for a bullet journal……. shall see in due course but so impressed by the quality of the paper which is such a compliment to your artwork & shows it off beautifully. Congratulations.

    • I am really happy with the book. I hadn’t thought of washi tape. that would be another great use 🙂

  5. Hi Alice, your posts aren’t showing up anymore. Hope I haven’t been dropped. Anyway, your new book is what I ‘ve been looking for. All that color, I want it. Could I purchase from you again?

    • I sent you an email 🙂 and no, you haven’t been dropped. my mail service is being obstinate and isn’t working properly, so I’m not posting until it gets fixed.

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