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Yesterday I showed you samples of various ways you could use my book More Tangle Starts. Today I want to walk you through the making of the collage page.

More Tangle Starts is available now on all Amazon locations worldwide. It has 100 full color pages of beautiful, bright backgrounds you can use in your art projects. To get started I chose a page straight from the book and pulled it out.

This is the page I chose to work with. I selected it because I had a steampunk guitar I was using for a prompt in Creative Crafty Friends. This page was perfect for it. The prompt included using: a musical instrument, a bar code and a tea bag. Yes, that is what I said. A tea bag.

I removed the page from the book and trimmed the edge on the binding side. These are various elements I had on hand that might work with the prompts.

I knew I wanted to feature that gold/rust color in the gears, so I brought out my cattail Dyestress ink pad to ink the edges all around the page.

I chose to work with these three critters – courtesy of Barb at Joggles and her collection of collage pages. Thin paper but they can handle a bit of watercolor. You can find the animals here and the cat here.

Aren’t they cute? She has several sheets of animals. Some are in color, some are black and white like these.

I trimmed the three a little closer to the lines and ran them through the sticker machine. Sometimes I use clear gesso to adhere pieces and that would work great on these pages from More Tangle Starts. Since these were watercolored I did not do that because the gesso would smear the color and make a big mess. I am so not into messes. Hahahaha! And that is so not true! Hahahahaha! And say, don’t you love that steampunk-ish guitar from Jolee’s? I have had it for a few years waiting for the right project to use it on. And a bar code right there. I think I cut it from a Kleenex box? And yes, you do not see a tea bag because I totally forgot all about it. I had an idea to use the paper tag at the end of the string and to write a price on it, attach it to the guitar neck, and call it done. But I forgot.

After trimming the three pieces out, next was to work with placement. I knew I needed the fox to be sitting on something. And the cat could fit perfectly under the fox’s hands – like he was petting the cat. Or annoying the cat. Hahahaha!

And that plan worked very well. The music note bench goes with the guitar. And I did use clear gesso to adhere the piece from my Korean dictionary. Then scuffed it up with some cattail ink. Those words are from a Tim Holtz’ sayings book. I just love the little cat!

Isn’t he adorable? In the background you can see a music note that came with the Jolee stickers and some more words I cut from a Christmas sticker sheet I have had for years. A brown micron worked great for accenting and tangling some of the circles from the bubble wrap I used making this background.

I repeat. Isn’t the little cat adorable? Hahahaha! Cat mom here. <3

My completed page. Took about 15 minutes to make and I love how it turned out. So much easier and quicker because that background was already made. More Tangle Starts has a total of 100 backgrounds, so I can make 99 more projects! Hahahaha!

You can read about More Tangle Starts here.
You can purchase More Tangle Starts here.
The original background was made using Harmony Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper from Hahnemühle. Purchase links are here.

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6 thoughts on “More Tangle Starts and Collage

  1. Those music notes are a perfect embellishment with this & I had to laugh when I saw the word ‘PEACE’ for it completely set the 1960s ‘hippie scene’ which the figures embody. I thought you were going to use the teabag to stain your edges…………. but I like your idea of the price tag better. Besides – part of the background is teabag coloured isn’t it?? so you did include the teabag……. sort of……..

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