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Ecoline Brush Pens from Royal Talens has just released a set two comprised of pastels. Yes, I know. Pastels. Meh. So not bright and beautiful. Or are they? To find out I had to order the set. (But of course, how could I not?) And to jump right in I pulled out my pad of Bristol illustration paper from Hahnemühle.

I have used this paper for literally everything. Collage art, ICAD art, art journaling, I’ve cut it down into tiles for tangling, ATCs for swapping, and sometimes I just want to tangle up a bunch of printemps and whatever else comes to mind. And Hahnemühle’s Bristol is perfect for all of those!

Set two comes with thirty new colors in the Ecoline . . . line. 🙂 Advertised as pastels, they sure look a lot ‘more’ when you open the container. I began with this set of ten and a sheet of Bristol.

I began with that sky blue light – very similar to the sky blue in set one. And that is my craft mat on the bottom. I just scribbled some color straight onto the mat, then sprayed it with water. That causes the color to bead up into those little droplets.

Making a beautiful background to tangle is as easy as placing the paper face down on top of the beaded color and smooshing the page around. You can repeat that as long as you have color on the mat. The green in the middle is spring green. The yellow is gold ocre. And the pink is fuchsia. The spotted darker pink at the top right is light rose that I sprayed on the mat and just touched the paper down onto it – no water added. That way you can see the difference between water added and not. I really do like those lines created where the water pushes into boundary lines and mixes with the surrounding color.

From there I just kept adding color where I thought some was needed. More of that lovely sky blue light, a little pastel yellow which blended with some blue and made a green, and more of the fuchsia. Just working in layers and building the page.

Until I liked where it was headed, then I sat it aside to dry. You will notice the Bristol is flexing a little. Nothing to be concerned about. This little flex flattens as the paper dries.

I am guessing Ecoline’s definition of pastel differs from mine because I really liked those colors! And while I was working away I figured I might as well make a page with the set one colors. Here you can see the original sky blue color sprayed with water.

And from there I forgot to take photos as I played and built this page. Additional colors are magenta and deep yellow. Just three colors to make this page. The trick to getting these results is in the water added and allowing the areas to merge and blend, making new colors. Not drying it with a heat source and allowing the colors to dry naturally.

Then I sat both sheets onto my nifty drying rack and left them till the next day. Hard to believe the one on the left is the pastel. Yes, it is lighter than the second sheet and I guess ‘technically’ you would call it pastel. I always think boring when I think pastel. Not so much here, I like them both! Let me show them to you dry.

Pastel. I started tangling this one last night. Beginning with printemps because that is what I do. Hahahaha! These two photos were taken in daylight, not at nighttime like all the previous ones.

And the second with better lighting. Wow! I really love these colors! It was a hard decision which to start with, but those new colors in set two won! I still love the brights better, but those pastels were a close second and they are absolutely beautiful! And this Hahnemühle Bristol is so smooth to the touch. It is perfect for my tangling pens to work on! I didn’t even have to buff the page before I started tangling! Can’t wait to show you a finished project!

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13 thoughts on “Hahnemühle’s Bristol Illustration Paper

  1. I love bristol paper/card it’s brilliant stuff! I have the strathmore versions. It can do everything you throw at it- paint, stamping, art journaling, lots and lots xx

  2. They certainly don’t look very pastel-like do they? But there is indeed a distinct difference between the two sets so I can see that comparatively they are pastel . Thank for putting them next to each other so we can see how they differ. The paper looks very interesting too. Look forward to seeing your tangled piece.

    • I am just relaxing and enjoying tangling this piece. I have too much rushing around in my life, I need to slow down. haha! haven’t you told me that before? <3

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