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Short and easy post for today. I am working on something big, so short and direct is what you get today. Hahaha!

You have seen these flowers before. I love them! And I plan to order more of them later today. I like to fill them with color. Awhile back I made a post where I used one of these flowers on an art journal page. Several people asked what I used for color, so today I want to show you just how easy it was to add color. I am working in my Zen-untangled! book here. I forget what week I was in. I used two colors of the Arteza Watercolor Real Brush Pens and a water brush. That’s it. I like pink and yellow together, where they blend they make orange. Color theory, boom!

I began with one petal and colored the whole thing with the yellow. Easy.

While the yellow was still wet, I used the pink and filled in around the bottom of the petal, a little bit up each side, and a couple strokes in the center. These pens are ready to use when you open them. You don’t need to squeeze and push color down into the bristles like you do with some brush pens.

Though I don’t have a photo for it, next I went back over the entire petal with the yellow. This helps to further blend the two colors and smooth out the lines where they meet.

And I just continued this process on each petal.

I used the same basic technique for the leaves. The small pink flower was a little harder because it was such a small area to work inside of. The water brush – I had it in case I needed to blend the colors a little more. I never used it, I liked the way the petals looked with just the two colors.

I really like the overall effect these small elements bring to my pages. Pretty little pops that fit where you have leftover room. Hahahaha! And I am just noticing that quote box is a little crooked. Oh well. We remember moments. That is the important part!

Come back the next couple days. I am hoping to be able to share some news with you. Fingers crossed and prayers going up.

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12 thoughts on “Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens

    • I am using them in various places in my art journals and my ze-untangled book. and if you meant specifically where to purchase – click the pink link. I won these in a giveaway, and I wasn’t able to find the exact ones on their website. but they do have similar ones.

  1. So pretty & vibrant! In the paragraph between pictures #2 & 3, you said, “I used two colors of the Arteza Watercolor Real Brush Pens and a water brush.” For what did you use the water brush?

    • ah! I never said. I had it in case I needed to blend the colors more, but I never used it. I should go add that to the post

  2. You’re working on something big? What is it???
    Hahaha! You’re always working on something big! I hope it’s another book! 🤣🤣
    Of course I had to order these brush pens. Stop posting this stuff! Hahaha!

    • hahaha! I did get an email from the brush pen company telling me I could stick half the tip of a brush in water then watercolor easier with them . just so you know. and BIG – hopefully tomorrow morning if all goes well today 😉

  3. Lovely..been using these brush pens for them almost time to get some new ones . And excited about news!! Best to you always

  4. Hmm – you have me intrigued. Now what ARE you up to?? The yellow & pink with the vibrant green looks terrific against the black outlining, plus the pink tiny flowers balance & complement the pink edges of the quote too.

    • I really like these flowers. I haven’t been able to find these exact ones on the website, I won these in a giveaway

  5. Simple is beautiful. I was working with some brush pens (Zig Clean Color) this week and they are so convenient and easy to control. And the point you made in the comment is true – I dip them directly into water all the time.

    Excited to hear about your Big work – always thrilled to hear what you’re getting up to in all aspects of life.

    • thank you, hopefully “big” will happen tomorrow. fingers crossed and praying. ahahahaha! it’s true!
      I have those Zig brush pens, too. I never remember. I will go get them out of the cabinet right now.

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