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Test drive up ahead! Just kidding! But seriously . . . behind the scenes GoDaddy has been transferring this entire website over to their home base and this will be the first post since the move in. Fingers crossed the post gets to each of your mailboxes. Give me a thumbs up so I know you received it.

We are in the middle of another snow storm. Actually winter hasn’t been too bad so far here in northern Maine. Yes, we have had a couple big storms but we have also had days when the temps were higher and a lot of the snow melted. Today and tomorrow that whole ‘not much snow’ thing may change. We are expecting anywhere from 18 – 28 inches of snow depending on what station you listen to or which app you use. I guess we will know for sure when it’s over. In the meantime, I want to show you some wonderful artworks I have received recently.

Caz Queripel lives overseas which means cool items we may not have here in the states! I have a drawer I keep postage stamps in – thanks to Rachel Foster for pointing out they are important – and Caz sent me some pretty ones! ‘Officially’ she sent me washi tape for that swap and ATCs for the Letter Z Swap. Those are not in this photo. Do you recognize the fairy? Hahaha! Isn’t she adorable! And Caz sent so many fun extras!

Here are the ATCs for the Letter Z Swap. I would have never thought of either of these ideas. Haha! The texture on the zipper one is so wonderful!

These all came from Dayna Sharp for the Letter A Swap. I loved both ATCs. And just look at that envelope she hand stamped! I tell you those roses are going into an art journal soon! All the little butterflies and flowers and the hummingbird are 3D. And they are gorgeous in person!

Pam O’Neill sent me this altered index card. Very similar to the index card a day event that happens online. The base here is a 4″ x 6″ which Pam added some wonderful collage elements and ink to. I really like that lucky bill piece in the middle!

And she sent this really cool card that opens and has 8 pockets. She made the whole thing from one 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper. Awesome! And filled the pockets with a lot of cool elements for art journaling!

These last three photos are the insides and the back cover. Isn’t this an awesome little folder? And she sent me one of the flowers she makes that I really like a lot!

Check out this cool envelope from Pamela Shappell! I love it!!!

All this was inside. A cute little card and two sets of ATCs for swaps.

The Letter S Swap – stable and spotted seahorse. The colors on these pieces are so vibrant and lively! You know I love them!

And the Letter J Swap. I know you recognize the beautiful Jasmine. I really like that background, too! But the one on the left you might not so readily identify. Pamela knows how much I love Harry Potter. Those are jelly slugs – a candy available at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade. And if that sounds like gobbledygook to you that means you aren’t a Potterhead. Hahahaha!

Sarah O’Neal sent me this card of tape for the washi tape swap. Her note said the people made her laugh. They do look like the signs you see on some restrooms. Hahahaha! I love them! And the best part? I didn’t have any of these tapes before! The postage stamp has been added to my drawer. The news print will make some great collage foundation. And that card? It is totally going into my Zen-untangled! book as a background!

The Letter S Swap. These two ATCs came from Patty Tupper. She did great on both of them! That sunflower is so pretty and soft. And just look at the ship ATC! Look at that ocean she drew! Those waves are amazing! I love the ship as well!

I am building my own little collection of artworks from Rebecca Gay. Hahaha! She draws and watercolors each one. And these are both beautiful in person – especially that geode! I would never in a million years think of geode for the Letter G Swap. You should see the sparkle on that one! And the richness in the colors on the grapes. Wonderful pieces of art!

And that concludes my journaling art museum for you today. Hahahaha! Seriously, I treasure each of these because they were sent by new friends in the art world. And friendships are cultivating over art. It’s the way things should be in life. Want to get involved? All of these came through Creative Crafty Friends. Just follow this link to check it out.

2 thoughts on “Art From Others

  1. I was intrigued by that multi-pocket creation & spotted the tiny envelope containing the flower…… the words ‘people prayed’ had me hunting for the source: Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, Adam Bell’s William of Cloudesley. Absolutely fascinating….

    • oh, I’m so glad you looked that up! isn’t it interesting the things we find in other’s artworks?

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