Zen-untangled! Week 4


Hard to believe we are already on week four of Zen-untangled! What is that? You haven’t heard about Zen-untangled? In my FB group Tangle All Around we are working our way through every one of the 170 tangle patterns designed by the zentangle gurus. I have encouraged each member to participate in the way that works best for them. I really want them to create a keepsake collection of tangles that will last them for years and years and for them to be able to pass down one day to the next generation – or the next.

I am building my book in a journal from Zentangle. I wish the pages were heavier. When I did the work for week four I thought the pages could handle wet media – they felt like they could. I was little discouraged but I figured out how to make it work. Mostly. Hahahaha! (You can read that as ‘hahahaha!’ mixed with a little bit of ‘oh, no!!!!!’) For these two pages, I used two colors of Dylusions Ink Sprays – bubblegum pink and lemon zest. I love these two together! To minimize disaster I immediately dried the color with my heat tool. And kept on moving.

Remember when you work in a journal like this to put something under the pages you are working on. This protects the rest of your book.

And here it is dried with the week three tile in place. But you aren’t here to see week three.

Hahahaha! I have to show you the other page dry. Cause I’m going to cover up a bunch of it with step outs.

Probably a little hard to see all this in one photo. The left hand side shows my tiles for weeks three and four. My friend Jules Mack sent me some tiles she added color to – the week four tile is one of those Jules sent me. I want to use several of her tiles in my book. You know, hmmmmm, send me a pretty colored tile and I will try to include it? No pressure. Hahahaha! No tangle, just color. Let’s look at these pages individually – you know, so they are bigger than a postage stamp.

Each week I give the group a string to use with the weekly tangles. The tile Jules gave me? I made the color pathways be the string. You are welcome, Tangle All Around! Hahahahaha!

And the beginning of the tangles for week four. Those are called step outs. They show you step by step how to draw the patterns. You start with the first red line, then each additional step is also shown in red. Easy peasy. I added some washi tape and of course I am using stamps for the lettering of names. Cause I stink at hand lettering. One day.

Bits of gelli prints – do you remember the post I made about gelli plate marbling? This would be one of those prints. I want to use all kinds of mixed media in my book – and pray it doesn’t fall apart. Because this journal was not made for what I’m doing to it.

So much fun!!! Those leaves? Dylusions Coloring Sheets. Yes, I love all Dyan Reaveley’s products. I colored them with art markers from ColorIt. Those flowers are some awesome cool stickers/washi tape I got from Jet Pens last year.

And we finished off the week with that string. Oh wait! I didn’t show you string. Let me go find it. I’ll be right back!

There you go, I just followed the lines of Jules’ colors. Strings are drawn in pencil. The thought is as you tangle, the pencil lines will fade into the background. They also blend in with your shading. No need to erase.

Can you see the string? Are you interested in joining us for Zen-untangled!? It is not too late. We are getting ready to have a catch up week next and all the instructions are in the group for always. Click here and answer the three simple questions that tell me you are not a machine. Heck. You could even answer them “I am not a machine. Please open the door.” And I will. I promise.

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14 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 4

  1. There is a certain charm in a journal that wrinkled and falling apart – as long as it doesn’t actually fall apart, lol! I love what you’re doing in the journal.

  2. I am enjoying seeing your book as it develops Alice, weeks 3 and 4 are particularly beautiful. I love those tangles, some I have not seen before.

    • a lot of the originals have gotten buried by all the new ones on the market. it’s good to get back to the roots <3

  3. Lovely to see your spread in such detail.
    I’m looking forward to jumping into Week 4 – although finding a way to make Locar look different to Bumper will be a challenge. 😉

  4. This is beautiful! I may have to color the page first on the next one! If I get caught up! Thanks for sharing!

    • haha! I would rather do the color than the tangles. maybe I shouldn’t say that – hahaha! but it is so true!

  5. A gem of a post (am catching up with your posts in bed nursing a migraine, improved enough to do something constructive) which I just devoured. Love the way you used Jules’ tile colours as the basis for your pages – it looks completely integrated so you’d never guess 2 people did them. Your stamped tangle names give so much character to the pages & I’m enjoying seeing how you integrate everything. Hoping to get started at some point – life should slow down a bit now hopefully (!!!) It’s the original tangles I love & they’re so much the foundation of tangling that it’s a joy to see you running a project with them. Perhaps we should follow that with Alice tangles – the ones published here on the blog…………

    • oh my, I would love that but fear it would sound a little vain? hahaha! I hope you get to do the project at some point but in the meantime I am glad you are getting to enjoy it all the same. the idea came to me just a few nights before it went live. pretty much at the time I posted that we would be starting a new project. thankful for football season so mark could watch tv while I worked to get it together. hahahahaha

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