Zen-untangled! Week 3


I had a lot of fun with week number three! My Facebook group Tangle All Around is working on a project I named Zen-untangled! Christine suggested the name and it really is perfect for the vision I had for my group. We are working through all 170 tangle patterns from zentangle. It will take us 25 weeks worth of work and I am already seeing I will need to add a few weeks along the way for us to catch up.

One of the cool things about the project is each person can do it the way they want to. I hope for each of us to make a book that will be a reference, a keepsake and a treasure we can pass down to a child or grandchild or a friend – someone else along the way so they can learn to tangle, too. I really love bright color – hahaha! right? – so for week three I went for color! I took a gelli print from a recent post and cut it in half so I could adhere it across a two page spread in my journal. That tape you see is called scor tape. It is double sided and it will hold until Jesus returns. That is especially important to know if you stick this down in the wrong place.

Isn’t that some beautiful color! And large bubble wrap for texture – so cool!

These pieces didn’t cover the whole page but I don’t mind. This was close enough for me. I had other plans mind.

I pulled out my stack of Bamboo Mixed Media papers from Hahnemühle that I had pre-colored. I had seven tangles to work with and I had high hopes of fitting the step outs for all seven on these two pages. I grabbed some papers with colors that worked with my background. And some of these changed as I worked.

These particular papers were colored with Ranger’s Distress Oxide Sprays. Super smooth and easy to draw over.

First page of week three. I got all the patterns on these two pages, I added a quote, and some pen scribbles around the bubble wrap dots. Nothing fancy, just fun and it looks great once done!

And the right hand page of step outs. I was still able to include notes about the patterns doing it this way. I even inked the edges on a couple pieces. Hahaha! Just like ATC making or art journaling! Which was my hope – to turn my Zen-untangled! into an art journal.

I gave my group a string for the week and asked them to include at least two of the week’s tangles in their art.

I used a tile I had pre-colored with some Tombow twin-tone pastel markers that Mark gave me for Christmas. The string should always be done in pencil – it is meant to be a guideline. You can strictly adhere to it or you can change it up by taking liberties with it. Hahahahaha! Yep!

And this is what I did with the string. I chose to add to my string – a little. I was able to fit in ixorus, flux, and hollibaugh for my patterns.

I am enjoying this project so much! And the group is, too! In fact, in the past week we have gained around 150 new members and a lot of them are joining in on Zen-untangled! Are you interested? Come on over to Tangle All Around by clicking here. There will be three simple questions to make sure you are a person and not a hacker/spam/robo dialing thing. Hahahaha! Cause they are no fun!

Bamboo Mixed Media and other products with purchase links from Hahnemühle

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13 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 3

    • thanks, jan, I don’t know how my book will handle all the extra I am putting into it. hahaha! it might explode!

  1. Such a wonderful way to get “back to the basics” yet still have the freedom to add our own touch! Brilliant!

  2. This is Beautiful! I love how much color you used! I might have to go bold this week! Thanks for putting all this together! Oh, and thanks for the catch up week!

    • yes, there are a bunch of people that will take advantage of the catch-up week. it will cause us to go longer than the planned 25 weeks but I think we need it. and as for color . . . go for it! it will make you smile

  3. Perfect illustration of adapting this project to one’s own style – & I’ve probably said that before but it’s worth repeating. Am longing to get stuck into this as well…….. yes please to adding extra weeks for catching up between, you never know I might manage to get some done. Anyhow love your overlapping art journaling style with this, such great fun.

    • I tried this back when I first started the group and only 2 or 3 people went along so I let it drop. glad it is working this time around

  4. ???love you ideas, colors and art! Thank you for all you do and the help you give

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