Zen-untangled! Week 2


Tangle All Around is working on a back to basics zentangle project. Week two is just starting and many are just beginning to work on the project. It is not too late to join. We are working our way through all 170 tangle patterns given to us from Zentangle HQ and making ourselves a keepsake/ treasure book that we can pass down in our family. Or to use as a reference book for ourselves for years to come.

Each week I am giving them seven patterns to work with. I have asked them to actually draw out the steps for each pattern in their book. This has a purpose. It helps us remember the steps but it also allows someone else to pick up our book and be able to draw the patterns as well. Say our grandchildren or great-grandchildren 20 – 30 years from now.

I have given them full permission to make this project their own. Do it all in black, red and white? Add color with paints, markers, watercolors? Art journal it? Or collage it? Any kind of art is fine. I just want them to love their book and pour out their love for tangling into whatever they choose to make. You may have noticed my first page was standard black and red for the steps and a white background. I don’t do that very often. I like color too much! But I can if I need to. Hahahaha! If you overlook that piece of washi tape wrapped around the edge of the page. For page two, I went with more of a scrapbook style using a bit of scrapbook paper for the base. I inked the edges of my step outs with an ink pad. You saw that little die cut girl in yesterday’s post. She was easy and makes a cute little addition to my page.

Each week I am also giving them a string to work with. The only request is they use at least two of the week’s tangles in their piece of art. I was able to fit four of this week’s patterns into my tile.

Sound like something you might be interested in? So far in the past two days we have had 63 new people join us. You can be totally new to tangling or already know what you are doing. We have it all and everyone is loving the project! Zen-untangled, 2020! Come join us by clicking here.

Tangle All Around

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6 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 2

    • just do these the way you like to work – don’t try to do them like anyone else’s. do you

  1. This is such a lovely & original project the way you are interpreting it with scrapbooking & all kinds of things that are typically ‘you.’ I’ve been trying to work out in my head how to join in but so far been way way too busy at work. I’m learning much by just observing though so am very grateful. Some of these patterns I remember first being introduced, others one rarely sees utilised……..

    • some of the tangles are a stretch for me and ones I will never use outside of this project. I believe it is good to know them all though, just in case.

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