Z is for Zebra, ATCs


Creative Crafty Friends is hosting a swap for the Letter Z. I had so few ideas for this letter that I decided to go with two ATCS of a similar nature. Because in this household of an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen, there is only one Z and that stands for Zebra.

Sometime ago I wrote a post for Zebra Pen’s blog that showed how to draw the beautiful Grevy’s Zebra. I had also tangled a zebra in the past and I thought since I had already done the artwork – why not use it? I took both pieces of art that are originally about 8″ x 10″ and reduced them to about 2″ x 3″ each. I also had some scraps of scrapbook paper in zebra design which I grabbed and a couple ATC bases.

I began by inking the edges of my pieces of art. And of course I forgot I needed to run them through my sticker machine. Eek! Of course I forgot!

I ran the zebras and the zebra paper through – turning them into stickers. And I adhered the two pieces of striped paper to my ATC bases.

I inked the edges with black in keeping with the zebra idea.

Then removed the sticker backing and added the zebras to the ATCs.

Of course the first thing I noticed was this set of Grevy’s Zebras were not centered. Yeah, this doesn’t peel up so well so I needed a different fix for this unfortunate detail.

When Mark and I were in Florida recently I had the opportunity to go to a Michael’s. The closest one to me currently is in Canada. I purchased a few things that didn’t require much room in the suitcase – like these pretty little beads of pearls.

I really like these because they come on an adhesive base. You just cut off the amount you want to use and stick it in place. I figured the white color would work well with my theme and they could fill in some of that area and make it look like I meant for my zebras to be off-centered.

And I think they helped. Keeping in mind this is a 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece.

When I was getting business cards made awhile back I had them make a few including my zebras. Moo.com is pretty great for business cards!

I like the way these letter Z ATCs turned out and they are clearer in person than these photos show. Already headed to their new home! Creative Crafty Friends is the swapping place to be right now!

Zebra Pen

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16 thoughts on “Z is for Zebra, ATCs

  1. Love pearly bits! Best thing with these of course is that they are on a strip so you have less lining up to do!! Good save and it was obviously what you intended all along- hee. Great zebras xx

  2. I was a little shocked to see entirely black and white ATCs made by you – but of course, zebras are an exception so the absence of colour is nothing for me to worry about!

    Great results! I love Moo too!

  3. Your Zebra artwork was a perfect choice for these ATCs – & the white pearls a super additional embellishment. Love the way the background paper fitted in with the design of both pieces of artwork.

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