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Yesterday started with breakfast, then routine email, Instagram, website, Facebook and Tangle All Around, and then I took some time for myself. That doesn’t usually happen. But I needed some time to make art for me. Or for swaps, actually. Hahahaha! I have a few swaps in Creative Crafty Friends I signed up for and one thing led to another.

I started with this little girl. I have a ton of stamps but lately I have had trouble coloring them. I can’t get the black ink to heat set. Then I remembered I used to have a good many digital stamps. I searched and searched through stacks of DVDs until I found them and put them on my computer. I think this little mermaid will look amazing in my Zen-untangled book somewhere. I am thinking about week 4 – there is a spot open that she will look incredible on. Hahahaha!

Then I moved on to this one. I totally forgot about the swaps. I love this girl! I printed her at 6 inches tall so she will fit on a page in my Zen-untangled book and fill the space from top to bottom. I now have all my Copics on my desktop and am trying not to mess her up.

This is as far as I got yesterday. I hope to finish her today. I really enjoy doing this kind of thing when I need down time. And I am thankful for this project we are doing in Tangle All Around that allows me to incorporate other types of art with my tangling. And I did print out some stamps for the swaps. I hope to show you those soon. Once I complete them.

Mark and I drove over close to Jason and Bobbie’s for dinner last night. It was Tuesday. Free cake day at Brookside Inn. They love their customers. And they had lobster bisque! Best day ever! By the way – that’s snow, a whole lot of sky and the moon.

They were already at Brookside when we arrived and the Frankles had a gift bag ready for me – happy belated Christmas! is what she told me. And check this gift out! Are you watching The Madelorian on Disney Plus? If you are not – why not???? You need to watch it because . . . Baby Yoda!!!! Bobbie found a lady who made this with a 3D printer. Isn’t he adorable? And did I mention . . . best day ever??? And yeah, there should probably be a frog in that bowl.

I can not believe I didn’t take a picture of my lobster bisque. It tastes just like the bisque I used to get in Cedar Key in Florida. So yummy! The Frankles had a hamburger and she wanted to try the curly fries. And wouldn’t you know she found one shaped like the vowel e. She was like take a picture! And then she was like put it on facebook! Hahahahaha! And I did.

She declared this to be the vowel a. I guess they are working on vowels at school.

And the vowel o. And then it was free cake time! Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and all five of us got a piece for free. I love Brookside Inn! Just saying. You can’t beat free cake day when you need a break. And family around you. And Baby Yoda. Best day ever!

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16 thoughts on “Taking a Day Off

  1. Ooh! Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing! Did you get a slice for me? Is Disney + where the baby Yoda is from – I thought it was the last Star Wars movie, lol. I don’t stream Disney or anything except for free weeks and the occasional month sign-up. Not a big fan of Disney – my father didn’t like the movies so I didn’t see them as a child, and I think they lose the magic if you see them for the first time as an adult.

    • yes, Baby Yoda is called The Child in the Mandelorian. and did you know Season 2 of Lost in Space is on Netflix?

  2. Adorable granddaughter!!! ? And I love your digital stamps! How do you color with markers SO smoothly???

  3. Hi, love, love, love all the pretty, colorful, fun stuff you do! So glad you are enjoying life up there in the very COLD. I’m in West Virginia and it’s cold enough here. Question for you, know of anyplace besides Amazon where I can purchase your last book? Thanks for all you do and share.

  4. No wonder you’re thrilled with the Baby Yoda – quite a little creature there. Great that you managed to have a day with family & that chocolate cake sounds intriguing – never come across peanut butter icing before. Take care with all that snow. Hmmm – wonder why your ink isn’t heat setting properly…… ink & paper combo have something to do with it? Humidity/cold/?????……?????? Love the look of that mermaid & I can sense your enjoyment of the mixed media art journaling with the Zen-Untangled project. Quite a project with so much possibility for personalisation.

    • it really does have lots of potential and every person can do it their own way <3 and peanut butter icing - I need to find you a recipe. you need it!

    • we had a great time! getting ready for another big ice storm tomorrow, so I am thankful we had this time first

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