My Art Creed ala Brushos


I made this art journal spread a year or so ago. My art creed. What I want to do when I make art. And of course I want to show you how I made the color. Because . . . color!

Brusho color crystals are really amazing! If you haven’t tried them – you need to. Even if you only pick up 2 or 3 colors. For this spread I was working in my art journaling book – a Strathmore Mixed Media. I chose three colors of crystals – turquoise, lime green and yellow. And I had a bowl of water ready.

I prepped by putting a sheet of computer paper under each page in my journal to protect the underlying pages. These days I would use something a little sturdier but the computer paper worked. I used a mop brush – big bushy paint brush – and painted water over both pages. Then I took the pot of yellow and tapped some color onto the pages. Go back up to the photo before. See the little hole in top of the pot? For the way I use Brushos – that is all you need. It allows you to tap just a little bit of powder – which goes a long way. I used an ice pick to make the holes. Sandra Strait watercolors with her brushos and I am sure she must open the pots to do that. But I don’t because butterfingers. Yep. Anyway – just tap a little color and watch what happens. If nothing much happens it means you need to spray on some more water.

I can see wet which means my pages are wet but I can tell from this photo I didn’t have enough water. Because nothing is happening. You will know when it does. I tapped all three colors around both pages.

And I started spritzing water over the pages. You can see the colors starting to move.

Then let’s just say I got crazy and sprayed a whole lot of water – then sprinkled more color everywhere. And just look at that stuff go!!! I love it!!!

You can either let this dry naturally or you can encourage drying with a heat tool. If you do that know that the colors won’t be this cool looking. They will blend more and you won’t get these spotty bits.

And if you let it dry naturally, the colors will continue to move like the section right across the middle. Honestly, I don’t remember what I did. Probably a little of both.

And once it was totally dry I turned this into an art journal spread. A little cut and paste, a little white paint to write words on and a little tangling here and there. So much fun and easy, too!

This was a doctor day so a quick post is better than no post. Hopefully. Hahahah!

Brusho Color Crystals and here

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16 thoughts on “My Art Creed ala Brushos

  1. I have brushos too, love them but don’t think to use them !!!!

  2. Brushos are great – I really like them despite the fact that I usually crave control and predictability. I only started really unlocking their potential towards the end of last year, and I want to try new things with them this year. I have ideas!

    Hope your doctor day goes well!

  3. Now I understand what brushes are. The question recently came up in one of the groups I follow. These look like fun.

    Happy New Year!

    • they are a lot of fun! and there are so many ways to use them. I’ve even gelli plated with these

  4. How beautiful! I do take the lids off of my Brushos sometimes, and I’ve had some spectacular spills, too. Most of the time though, I go for more abstract effects and shake as you have done.

  5. Hope the doctor went OK – I’m way…. way…… way….. late catching up with your posts. Now I have a little Brusho powder I was given about 5 years ago & I think a Strathmore Mixed Media journal……….. hmmm, looks like I could have a go at this!! When……. life……. slows…… down…….. Reminds me of fireworks & I love those greens.

    • you will love the brusho! just go easy – it doesn’t take much. I’m still using the same pots I got about 5 years ago. I want to see what you do 🙂 and the doctor visits are routine ones. we just had/have 4 between us in a week.

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