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Creative Crafty Friends has started a new year of swaps and I decided to try a couple again. It gives me a chance to play with some different art supplies and I really enjoy making the ATCs. Maybe one day I will remember to make duplicates so I can keep some. <3

I have lots of stamps and I have been using those in the past but I continue to have problems with the black ink smearing when I color over it. Even though I use the correct ink pad and I heat set it. So I pulled out a DVD of saved digital stamps and found this little giraffe. Printed him out and heat set that ink and everything worked great! I colored him with Copic markers. Yes, I know I colored outside the lines. Hahaha! Hard not to when this little guy was less than two inches wide. Just look at that little face.

I used LolliZ Gel Pens to add some sparkle to the spots, inside her ears, her antennae and on her mouth and tail. So cute!

Scrapbook paper I have a ton of. Hahahaha! Actually these are journaling cards. I think that’s what they are called and I have a ton of those, too! I picked out two that I thought were giraffey looking and the colors looked great with my sweet little giraffe.

I needed a solid base so I pulled out a plain white ATC to build my giraffe art on. I cut the blue piece to the size of an ATC – 2.5″ x 3.5″ and I trimmed the floral piece a half inch smaller all the way around. Then I ran all three pieces through my sticker machine. If you haven’t seen that before it is pretty awesome. It literally turns all these pieces into stickers. Makes my life easier.

Too bad I didn’t think this thing through before I ran all the pieces through the sticker machine. Hahahahaha! I needed to ink everything!!!! I pulled the sticker off the back of the blue piece and placed it on the white backing.

Then I used that cattail color and inked the edges. At least this one was easy.

The floral piece was a bit harder. I removed the sticker backing and carefully inked the edges, then centered it on the blue piece and stuck it in place.

Curved scissors made cutting this little guy out a lot easier. Sometimes you get sticky edges with the sticker machine. Waiting to cut out the giraffe after it has been through the sticker machine alleviates that problem. No sticky edges.

Playing with placement of the giraffe I could see I had room to add something else. I used to teach a 4-H scrapbook club in Florida. Cloverscraps. It was a great group! I also taught a couple summer camps in scrapbooking. I found this set on Amazon years ago. They are meant to make stamping easier for little hands. The handle and the clearness allows you to place the letters exactly where you want them. I love this set and I use it a lot.

See what I mean about placement? I could put this capital G exactly where I wanted it. And I did.

Then I removed the sticker paper from the back of the giraffe and put her next to the G. She is off centered which is perfect. Think about the rule of thirds. I also taught a high school home school photography class. I loved it but something didn’t look right.

I liked the brown edges but thought a little black here and there would finish this ATC off nicely. At least I hoped it would.

And it did. A little black, a little brown. Pretty perfect – I think!

Hahaha! I couldn’t help myself! I have this notebook I made at Erin Condren’s site. I make a couple each year. I can put my own art on the cover. This little giraffe got me to thinking – I have made enough ATCs, maybe I could make a notebook cover with just ATC art. Hmmmm. That might be my next project. Or at least I may add it to the list.

Want to get involved in some swaps? Creative Crafty Friends is a happening kind of place. Feel free to check it out by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “Letter G ATC

  1. Funny seeing the giraffe’s eyes picked up by the dark black stamped ‘G’ but it works so well & balances too, then there’s that little bit of script behind her ear – leads the eye in to her face, your eye wanders down her body & before you know it you’re looking at the ‘G’. Terrific placement.

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