Last Week in Maine


It has been a crazy week for weather here in northern Maine. And a good one for pictures when we were able to get out of the house.

This winter hasn’t been as bad as last year was. Not nearly as much snow and it started a lot later this go round. By this time last year this stream was frozen solid.

Earlier last week we were able to get in to town to buy some groceries. I love this tree sitting out the in the middle of the field. If you look closely – at the bottom of the tree where it drops down to the shrubs underneath – you can see where the strong winds shaped the snow into a bowl wrapping around the vegetation. The wind here is crazy.

They started removing the boards from this barn at the beginning of winter. No idea why they waited till it started snowing but they haven’t been able to work on it much in the past week or two. I shoot all these photos while Mark is driving, if this shot was closer you would be able to see the barn is full of bales of hay.

This barn you have seen before. Each winter I wonder if this is going to be the year it falls down. Hahahaha! They have hay inside but other than that it doesn’t look usable for anything. I guess the hay could actually be what is holding the barn upright. And I have worried about the two horses that live in that field.

On this particular day the forecasters were predicting temps with the wind chill factor hitting around 30 degrees below zero. I stopped checking at 20 below. We headed into town not realizing the roads weren’t clear. And we had no water at the house. We went to town for . . .

. . . coffee and to ask some questions about the water. Last winter we had to have a new pump installed in the middle of winter – our water died on Christmas Day – so we didn’t think that was the problem. This coffee looks great, doesn’t it? Amanda makes it for me at The Elm Tree Diner. She starts by emptying a packet of hot chocolate powder into the cup, then filling it with coffee. Then she scoops two big mounds of homemade whipped cream into it. When I stir it up I make a big mess – that’s what the plate is for. Hahahaha! And I drink it with a straw so I don’t have to touch the cup with all the mess. And it is soooo yummy!

This is in Houlton, the main town over from ours. We ran into one fellow we know and he told us our pipes were likely frozen. And he gave Mark some advice on what to do, so we headed back towards the house.

And I kept clicking pictures with my phone. This is a main road in town. Wow! With all the wind the road crews just couldn’t keep it clear.

This is a private citizen – like us – tooling around the road with his snow blower. Look how far that stuff can go!

And almost home. This little church is just down the road from our house. They did not have service that morning – Sunday – I can tell because the lot had not been plowed at all.

Fast forward to this morning – oh, we got the pipes fixed. The nice man that installed our pump last winter came and helped us. And he showed Mark where the cold air was getting into the basement and how to avoid the problem in the future. I expect people up here think we are nuts for moving here but we love Maine so much. OK, this morning. The sun is out and everything is beautiful. You can tell the snow levels are much less than last year. There were times last year when you couldn’t even see that truck. Totally under the snow and buried.

My favorite window in the house. It’s in the bathroom. Hahaha!

Driving out – this is where Mark has the snow pushed up. See our light? With the little snow cap?

And two of my outside dragons. Looks like maybe the snow is a foot or so deep here – these guys are 7-8 feet tall.

And the front of our house. A lot of that snow piled up in front is from the roof clearing. Not a bad winter so far at all with the one exception being the couple days with the super low temperatures.

And this last photo from this morning – downtown Houlton. The river is almost totally frozen over. Beautiful Maine! And we don’t expect more snow until five days from now. Awesome! Cause we have enough.

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18 thoughts on “Last Week in Maine

  1. Beautiful photos! That coffee sounds great, mmmmm.
    Is that THE barn? The one in you other photos? So sad if it is! Love n hugs, stay safe and warm!

    • no, that is not THE barn. although I have shown this one before. it is not the one you painted. we don’t get that way very often any more and I don’t know why. we need to

    • thanks, Faye, but so miserably cold lately. now we have a week of 20-30 degree temps so that will help

  2. It’s a beautiful landscape but I know only too well how hostile such an environment can be. I still chuckle when I remember you moving to Maine & us moving south from the rugged Welsh countryside – we did the reverse to you & love where we are as much as you love Maine. I totally ‘get’ the thrill of realising that you’ve where you’re supposed to be. Glad you got the water sorted out.

  3. Always so wonderful to visit you virtually. I can totally see why you choose to live there. I would be open mouthed all the time at the beauty. But yes, the cold. Brrrr, those temps are something I can’t even comprehend. It’s been around zero here for the past few nights and that feels cold! We have frost first thing in the morning, and that feels like proper winter here!

    Your octagonal window would make for a great string!

    • haha! it would make a great string! you just might see it pop up in Zen-untangled! so – thanks! <3

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