Jail Bird, Hahahaha!


Hahahaha! Don’t you just love that title? Recently I signed up for the Letter J Swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Mark and I were talking late at night and I was super tired. I told him I had no idea at all what to do for the letter J, then I was like . . . wait!!! I could totally make a jail bird!!! And I did! Hahahahaha! You have to recall that Mark and I both are retired law enforcement so it makes perfect sense for my brain to journey there.

And I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the prompt. First of all I knew I wanted to get Beth for the person I sent to. Takes a special person to understand where I was coming from with this one. And as it worked out Beth had just signed up so I immediately tagged her before anyone else could. And I was happy. Hahahaha! Tim Holtz has this great set of crazy looking bird stamps that I knew would be perfect. And I wanted to send Beth the lyrics to a fun country song that came to mind. It is called Stripes. You can see some of the lyrics in the photo above. My favorite lines are:
there’s no crime of passion worth the crime of fashion
the only thing savin’ your life is that I don’t look good in orange and I hate stripes.

Simple supplies for this one: a watercolor ATC base, a Stabilo Aquarellable pencil and my water brush.

I wanted a grungy wall for my jail bird to be standing in front of. Stabilo worked great for that. Just some scribbles, no rocket science here. Just scribble.

Going over the pencil marks with a wet water brush activates the graphite and basically makes it like watercolor.

Then I left some good drops of water on the background to dry while I worked on my little bird. Needed to dress him up in some orange and prison stripes. Thank goodness Beth has a good sense of humor. And did I mention – hahahahaha!?!

I colored my little guy with Copic markers. First I drew him a little shirt which I colored orange. Hahahahaha! And I colored his ‘pants’ jailhouse grey and gave him stripes down the pants’ legs. You know – cause I don’t look good in orange and I hate stripes. Hahahahahah! I had a ball with this prompt! And I had a plan for that black piece of paper. I ran my bird and the black paper through the sticker machine.

Look at those spiffy little striped pants.

As I cut out my little guy I thought about one other thing. He needed a jail number. Hahahahaha! So I wrote a jail number on his collar. It was the date I worked on this . . . 12620. I thought it made a nice little jail number. I used some of the black paper to make a floor to stand my bird on. He needs a name. How about Rusty?

I used more of the paper to cut out some bars for Rusty’s cell door. Can you tell I had a blast with this? And the wall of his cell really does look dirty. Awesome!

I added the bars and a roof over his head. And I liked the ATC but it needed a little ‘more’ so I inked the edges all around. Even though you can’t see some of it because . . . black.

And I wanted those metal bars to shine. So I used a clear glitter gelly roll pen along one edge of each bar.

And sent my little jail bird named Rusty to Beth’s house where he arrived yesterday to as much laughter and mirth as I had hoped for. Probably the most fun ATC – at least for me – that I’ve made so far. And tomorrow I will show you the second J ATC I sent Beth. And I think she liked it even more than Rusty.

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10 thoughts on “Jail Bird, Hahahaha!

  1. I am sure she absolutely loved it! I love those bird stamps, Beth has sent me several things with the birds on them
    I love your jail bird and the great lyrics! Too fun?❣️

    • hahaha! I knew Beth was the only person in the group I could take the chance with 🙂

  2. I have the set of Tim’s “crazy birds” and love them all. Your “jail bird” turned out so cute….or should I say “scary”???

    Alice, I really appreciate the large-size pictures and directions….step by step….that are easy to see and follow! You are an inspiration!

    • thank you for letting me know – I am glad you find something in my work to inspire you <3

  3. I can tell you had great fun with this one & I like your touch of making those bars shiny. Good idea using the date for the jail number too, that makes it very individual.

  4. Love this one! The lyrics are great! I love the picture of the bird on the left and the black piece of paper from your sticker machine. The look on the birds face was like he knew what was going to become of the black paper! Hahahaha!

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