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Warning. Read that – Danger! Will Robinson! Hahahaha! Photo heavy post ahead. Reading may cause you to want to take the afternoon off to make art! And I hope you do.

Creative Crafty Friends had a super idea that doesn’t involve packaging, postage, trips to the post office. None of that. It involves following a prompt and creating in your very own art journal. Each week the admins will give us a set of prompts and we will build a journal page based around the prompts. This past week was the very first one. The prompts were lace, pink and flowers. That same day I received a package from a wonderful lady named Caz who lives in England. Caz sent me some ATCs, some washi tapes and several other items I could collage with. Lots of beautiful items but it was this fairy that absolutely caught my eye and I knew she would be the heart of my first journal page. And she just happened to be wearing pink. Hahahaha! I pulled out some other items I thought might go well with her. Yes, I know that oriental paper might be a strange choice with my little fairy girl, but I liked the paper! So what other choice did I have? Hahahaha!

My fairy was large enough I knew she would take up an entire page, so I went with a two page spread. For my journal? My medium Leda Art Supply sketchbook to the rescue! I will use this book for the course of the year, or however long these prompts come. I took the one sheet of oriental paper from Stamperia and cut a tiny bit off the side to make it fit my left hand page. And that is my roll of scor tape that I used to adhere it.

This pad of paper is really lovely and both sides are perfect for journaling. I wanted to show you what the scor tape looks like. Just stick it down, smooth it with your fingertip, then peel the paper backing away and carefully put your page in place.

I say ‘carefully’ because you get one try with scor tape. It sticks like a champ and there is no removing it once it is down. For that reason, I typically only remove one strip of the paper, get my page centered and in place, stick it down and then remove the other papers and finish smoothing the page in place. A one shot wonder. So to speak.

I didn’t want the bulk of real lace in my journal but I did have this strip of faux floral lace paper and it was perfect to cover up that little bit of exposed page at the bottom of the oriental paper. And I thought it might just tie this scrapbook paper in with what I planned to do on the right hand page. Make that oriental paper work overall.

It would have been helpful to think about inking edges before I adhered things, but I didn’t think about it. So there I was with an ink pad trying to ink the edges of the page without messing up the underlying pages. Hahahaha! You know the black ink in the paper design called for black edges.

Next I gathered the papers I wanted to use on my adjacent page – isn’t my little fairy adorable? Thank you, Caz! You provided the perfect touch for my pages!

These papers were some I won in a giveaway from Blitsy. Back when Blitsy was a thing. Sad that we lost Blitsy when A. C. Moore shut down all its stores. And I did remember to ink these edges before adhering them.

I don’t use scor tape for everything you will see on these pages. I did use scor tape for these papers, though, because I knew they had to be strong enough to hold onto the journal page when I started adding other elements.

I wanted that center part to be even darker, so I scrubbed my black ink pad over it to add more grunge and depth.

I had this strip of paper leftover from the left hand page. I cut it to fit and adhered it in place after inking its edges. Left and right hand pages were now tied together perfectly. And I now had the ‘flowers’ part of the prompt met. Flowers, pink and lace actually all met at this point. As far as elements, I brought back those flower outline stickers I showed you yesterday. Smaller ones this time.

I wanted to include the card from Caz. And look at some of the washi tape she sent. I thought the top one mimicked the oriental writing close enough, so I attached the card with tape runner on the back and lined it with washi.

That was a good enough start on the first page, so I moved on to the next. I ran my fairy through the sticker machine. You get a good visual in this photo. All the white paper around the fairy is non-sticky. The machine just puts the ‘sticky’ behind the fairy. I placed a paper towel over the whole thing and smoothed her down really well to make sure she had a good coverage of adhesive.

Then I carefully peeled her off the backing and put her in place. I wanted the illusion of flying while still fitting on the page. She is just so stickin’ cute!

There was another page in the Oriental Garden paper pad that had quotes and sayings. And I thought this butterfly one to be the best choice for my page. My Tim Holtz’ Small Talk Sticker books had some nice words to go with the idea of flying. I inked all the edges as best I could and started putting them in place.

Here is the front of Caz’ card. She also sent me these postage stamps. That black bit of washi along the side of the card is part of Dyan Reaveley’s Tape Sheets.

This is what I had so far. I stepped back and looked and knew it needed more. Hahaha! Of course it did!

My little alpha set of stamps. ‘Little’ is right – each stamp is 1/4 inch wide.

And that was the perfect size for adding some appropriate wording. I was really starting to love this spread.

Just look at this detail.

But I had more ideas. Hahahaha! Do you know where I was going with this multiliner?

Yep. Hahahaha! Printemps seemed the perfect tangle for flying wings.

I wanted a wispy look, so I went with grey instead of black. Perfect!

I really liked the open flower petals and the oriental characters showing in them but they needed more pop. I haven’t been real happy with these particular brush pens, but I knew they could do what I wanted here. Be pretty and translucent.

And you can still see the characters. Win/win.

Last touch was to take a technical pen from Zebra Pen and box in all those word strips. Just kind of scratchy-scratchy lines. No precision.

And the stamps and washi – scratchy-scratchy.

And the completed spread. Lace, pink and flowers. โˆš Now I am patiently waiting for the second week prompts. Maybe today. Want to join us? Head on over to Creative Crafty Friends and check it out. You are just in time!

Leda Art Supply
Zebra Pen
Creative Crafty Friends

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14 thoughts on “Fairy Collage Work

  1. Very pretty! Love the paper and the fairy is gorgeous.
    Worked out beautifully!

    Oh and glad to see you havenโ€™t turned into a popsicleโฃ๏ธ

  2. Alice, I SO love your process posts!! Not just the photos (although they are wonderful) but the commentary of your thoughts as you go along. I’ve never collaged or created an art journal but I yearn to! I believe all the inspiration I receive from you will push me over the brink to just DO it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s was wonderful – to watch the pages grow in front of my eyes. I love how you tied it all together and how you incorporated the things Caz sent you. Memories on this pages as well as art.

  4. I can imagine this one is great fun – especially as you keep the art work & get good practise at using prompts for yourself. I love the way you made those flower sticker petals yellow to tie in with the butterfly image & how one yellow sticker sort of escaped onto your second page so the eye is drawn over there by that as well as your focal image of the fairy.

    • I had a lot of fun with these pages and actually thought about how to tie things together. I don’t always do that, I usually just go for it. hahaha! I just loved this little fairy and wanted her to have the perfect home

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