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Awhile back I walked you through an ATC I made of a rabbit for the Letter R Swap. My friend Andrea commented that she would like to have that particular ATC but I had already sent it to the new owner. So this past week I made Andrea a replacement and named it Down the Rabbit Hole. Let me show you.

As always, I began by gathering supplies I thought I might need. I had one more copy of the rabbit so I knew the ATC could be similar. Fortunately I still had a little of the same acrylic painted page I used for the base.

Unfortunately I did not have the same pink I used for the corners, but I did have a gelli print that was similar. One of those I made using the smaller bubble wrap – and it worked perfectly. I used peacock feathers in the distress ink line to ink the edges of the triangles.

And ran the triangles and the rabbit through the sticker machine, remembering to do that before I fussy cut out the bunny. Yayayaya! That makes twice I remembered in one week!

This photo shows you a couple steps. I used a fruit punch Dyestress Ink Pad to go over the edges of the ATC. Then I used a Super Marble pen from Zebra Pen to make a band of printemps through the middle of the ATC. I didn’t worry about completing the entire band because I knew other elements would cover up part of that area. Those super marble pens are amazing. They change colors as you write! Which you can’t really tell too well in this photo. You will have to take my word for it. Maybe I will tangle up a tile using just that pen so I can show you what I mean.

I didn’t have an extra of the circular sticker from the first ATC so I used a close second, cut it in half and adhered the two portions. Then I peeled off the sticker backing and put my little rabbit in place.

I used a clear glitter gelly roll pen to add sparkle to the inside of her ears, her cheeks and eventually to her belt and necklace. And I trimmed the excess bunny away. I took that fruit punch ink pad and scuffed a little color onto her bunny ears. See how little of the printemps show?

The first ATC had the word rabbit stamped along one side, but since this wasn’t for a letter R swap I decided to change what I stamped.

And added the words down the rabbit hole – reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Those jewels are sticky on the underside when I purchase them so they are an easy addition.

I wanted to make something a little more special for Andrea so I pulled out a 6″ x 6″ piece of this background paper.

And this template I found on google some time back.

And I made an ATC envelope for the bunny. When I folded the edges the paper split and I was not too happy about that!

So I used the same fruit punch and a black ink pad and inked the edges hoping to cover up some of that white and I called it done.

All that was left was to write a note to Andrea, put the bunny down the rabbit hole (hahahahahaha!) and mail it off! Andrea sent me a note last night the she had received it and loved it! And that made my day!

Zebra Pen

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8 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. I had fun comparing the two!! I love making variations of tangles, just seeking how something can be tweaked just a little to see how the overall effect alters. This really appealed to me – you could make a whole series of ATC cards with just a little bit of change in each one. Huh – I never really understood series, but this made me realise what they’re about. Thank you.

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