Donuts, Anyone?


A Creative Crafty Friends swap saw me combining Hahnemühle paper with Joggles product and having one great time playing with both!

The swap called for us to make one index card size piece of art that included a person, a number and a piece of a book page. Easy peasy! I wanted a paper that would be heavy enough as it was for my index card. I opted to go with Hahnemühle’s hot pressed Harmony watercolour paper. At 140 lbs. I felt sure it was perfect! I began by coating one side with a layer of Dina Wakley’s Clear Gesso.

To that I adhered a section of this fabulous tissue paper from Joggles. When you order anything from Joggles, Barb has your purchase wrapped up in a sheet of fun patterned tissue paper that you can save and use for other projects. It is like getting something free every time you order! I had been saving some of this donut covered paper – not knowing what I would use it for – and this project seemed the right time! Hahaha! Who doesn’t love a good donut? Once I had the paper in place, I added a layer of clear gesso over the top to seal it. Yes, you can see plenty of creases and lines here. I didn’t like the looks of that.

So I used my heat tool to immediately dry the gesso which resulted in a flat attachment. If you have the random place where there is still a crease or bump you may be able to lift the paper and smooth it as you go. Or you may be able to just smooth it out with a fingertip. I had all this paper left over and typically I would trim the excess and toss it in the trash. But it seemed pretty equal all the way around so I tried something I had not ever done before.

I flipped the card over and started adding gesso along the sides where the paper could overlap.

And I attached all four sides of leftover paper to the back of the card. This gave me solid lines along all four edges with no white, and no sections not attached. I had one very well glued together card with lovely donuts all over it!

This would look even better if this photo was in focus. Sorry.

OK, what I needed to add – book page, number and a person. A couple years ago I purchased a Korean dictionary on Amazon. I use it pretty much any time I want to add some text. Do I know what it says? No. I just hope it isn’t obscene. >.< I added this with the same clear gesso – under and over to seal all the edges.

Next I started working with placement. I had my person and my numbers and a few extras. The girl and the cat are trimmed from collage sheets from Joggles. I ran them through my sticker machine, then fussy cut them into stickers with no icky edges. Yay! I knew this stencil of numbers would be perfect and I thought the chipboard sticker sheet may have something that would add a little to my card.

The citronella Dyestress Ink Pad worked great along all the edges and to scruff over my card – to add a little grunge look. Then I peeled the backing off the cat and the photographer and stuck them in place. I had in mind to number some of those donuts, so I tried to leave a good bit of them open. I know the cat doesn’t look anything like the good luck oriental cat but I hoped by placing her over the oriental characters that thought might be implied. A little extra luck can go a long way.

The citronella color just wasn’t enough so I added some fruit punch all around. And here and there. I love the Dyestress ink pads!

I pulled this statement from the chipboard sticker sheet and attached it with some Zots. Just to be sure. I didn’t know if the ‘sticker’ part of the chipboard would hold on the gesso. And these Zots hold on everything. While I had the Zots out, I added a cute little fabric flower. I thought it looked great with the overall color scheme.

Then I added numbers to a couple donuts using the stencil you saw earlier and some Marabu Acryl Mousse which is similar to a texture paste. Think concrete in texture but only as thick as the stencil I scraped it through. And since my mousse was pink – the numbers are pink. And go with my color scheme. Although that may have just been a lucky thing.

Lately I’ve been ‘feeling’ the splatters. So I made them here, too! Black and white! And sat it aside to dry. I didn’t want to run the heat gun and melt those Zots cause that would not be good.

To finish my card I did a couple things. I drew around a few of the donuts with a Stabilo Aquarellable pencil, then went over the lines with a water brush. When the lines dried I added some white highlights. The Dyestress ink pad colors are not permanent. You can reactivate them with water and move them around. So in that upper left corner around the flower – I used a water brush to smooth out the pink into a wash and color that top corner. And called it done. I really love how this turned out! I may end up making one for myself. This card has already arrived at its new home.

How did the Harmony hot pressed watercolour paper work for this project? Great! So well in fact that I have cut a few more sections of 4″ x 6″ cards getting ready for next month! Let me leave you with a couple links. And remember – anywhere you see pink letters . . . pink = link. Just click.

Harmony Hot Pressed and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links

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6 thoughts on “Donuts, Anyone?

  1. Love the way those numbers co-ordinate with the cat. HOW did you get a white splatter slap bang in the middle of his nose?? ‘Late Nite Snack’ came with just the right colours on didn’t it? Matching nicely with kittie’s bow & necklace. The overwrapping of the tissue gives lovely edges too & the heat gun trick of drying so as to lie flat is such a valuable bit of knowledge (one I’ve stored away for future use – I hope).

    • hahaha! I got lucky with that splatter. I didn’t like it to start with then it kind of grew on me 🙂

  2. Love it! Made me smile, and made me hungry! ???
    The color combos are so lovely. Your work is always
    so inspirational and full of fun!

  3. I don’t know what it was about this piece especially but I loved how it turned out. Great work Alice ♥

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