Copic Art


Zen-untangled! has me trying different things. I hadn’t used my Copics or digital stamps in some time, so I brought those out to play with. I showed you this digital stamp last week.

I have to say I absolute love this image! I knew I wanted to use her in my journal I am using for the project. And I wanted her to fit perfectly on the page.

The pages of my book are 5 3/4″ tall and I knew the width would not make a difference. I put the image into a Word document and set the measurements so this would print at 5 3/4″ in height. And I started adding colors. A little rusty but I was pleased with the results at this point.

Those teal streaks in her hair? I used to have those before we moved to Maine. And I keep my hair fairly light in color so the grey doesn’t show so much. Hahaha! My reading glasses? Are a dark pink. I tried to keep as close to realistic as I could make this.

Hahaha! Perfect statement for me! I adhered her in my book last night but I can’t show it to you until week five. I think she looks smashing! Hahahahaha! Want to join us with Zen-untangled!? Come on over to Tangle All Around by clicking here and join. I’ll meet you at the door.

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11 thoughts on “Copic Art

  1. Beautiful! I would love to learn how to use Copic markers! Are their any good sites to go to for lessons?

    • wow. I don’t know the answer to that one. I went to a certification class in Florida – several years ago. maybe I could do some posts to help people get started?

  2. Nice to have something so personally apt in your journal & yes, I seem to remember your blog showing photos of you with teal streaks in your hair. Your colouring of her hair looks wonderful. Not long to go until week 5 either……..

    • I am not staying far enough ahead. hahaha! I will be playing catch up before we know it.
      I wish I could keep the teal in my hair but there are no hair salons here that do the color like that. I’d have to get it done in Florida and just have everyone stare at me like I’m nuts, hahahaha!

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