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Good friends and swaps have brought me some beautiful art pieces over the past couple months. Today I want to show you some wonderful additions to my collection <3

Andrea Kine is a member of Tangle All Around. She and I really ‘met’ when I was working on my last book – Tangle All Around the World. And now we talk on an almost daily basis. Yesterday I received this lovely card in the mail that Andrea tangled and just look what was inside . . .

. . . a beautiful embedded letter! My letter! Didn’t Andrea do a wonderful job? I am going to find a frame for it and a place for it and get this up on the wall.

Letter T Swap, from Beverly Carter. How cool is this! Bev made that tea bag by hand – keep in mind this ATC is 2.5″ x 3.5″ and that will give you some perspective on the size of the bag.

Beverly also made this Thankful ATC. Her work is just beautiful.

Smart choice! For the Letter Q Swap. I would never have thought to use that quarter! Ever! Hahaha! From Jennifer Marker – she sent me some wonderful pieces. I really like the color scheme for Queen of Everything! And the thought! Hahahahaha!

Check these out. Altered Playing Card Swap. Also from Jennifer Marker, these ATCs were built on a playing card. Same size so it works and gives a sturdy base to build on. Aren’t they adorable? This photo does not do them justice. Thanks, Jennifer!

And this got put into the envelope by accident but Jennifer said I could keep it. So I did! Hahahaha! A lovely card that I will keep and enjoy <3

Jules Mack sent me some tiles recently. This is a blind string that she began and I will complete. And it most likely will end up in my Zen-untangled! journal. That border is elegant and beautiful!

Jules also sent me this one. Not sure what I will do as far as additional tangling, but I will figure it out. I really like how she rounded corners with the white fills. So nice! Jules also sent me some tiles she colored – I am definitely using those in my Zen-untangled! journal. In fact, you saw one in yesterday’s post.

From my dear friend Phillis Rosenthal. I just love her! She likes dragons as much as I do and she made me this tag for Christmas. I have to find the perfect place to use it! I collect dragons – big and small – so maybe an art journal page with photos of some of my collection. And Phillis didn’t leave Mark out . . .

. . . look at this awesome tag! Mark will be using it in the instant pot cookbooks he is starting to gather. Hahaha! Thank you, Phillis, we love the tags! Thank you for thinking of us! <3

The artwork of Rebecca Gay. She is a painter and I like that her ATCs are her painted work. These were for the Letter R Swap. The radio reminds me of the nights I listened to radio programs with my grandparents. I still have that radio, too.

Letter B Swap, also from Rebecca Gay. No way in the world I would have ever thought of either of these. Rebecca has great ideas. I wish you could see the beets ATC – the colors are perfect! And who wouldn’t love Bigfoot? Hahaha! Two of my favorites!

Letter K Swap from Shelly Farrington. Key and Kind. I really like the quote on Key and the detail work. And the watercolored florals on Kind and the edging on both. You know how much I like to ink all my edges, too!

Talk about adorable. These are from Sue Pisek. Letter C Swap, C is for Cockatiel and Chrysalis. Sue included a note that the one on the right was a monarch butterfly’s chrysalis hanging on a milkweed leaf. Done with markers and pencils. The card in the middle looks like Copic markers. Isn’t it pretty? Beautiful bright color! <3

Letter U Swap from Izzy Haase. I love the little heart guy holding the umbrella! And the universe drawing is even more awesome in person! Thanks, Izzy!

I just received these a few days ago – part of an art journal page swap. Also from Rebecca Gay. Let me show you more.

Rebecca made these into booklets. They open and have an assortment of pages and pockets, pull outs and surprises inside. I will have to think of something really special to use these for.

This is the front of the second booklet.

These are going to be so much fun to use. I like the way Rebecca thinks!

For the Mermaid Swap – from Gayle Miller. Don’t you love her little face? That textured bottom section looks like maybe it came from an embossing folder? Not sure but I like it! Gayle hand tangled the seaweed and coral and colored the sweet little mermaid with pens – possibly Copics. Such a fun piece of art!

And that catches you up to date on artwork I’ve received. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone. I am in the middle of about seven more swaps right now, so it won’t be long till I get to show you some more. Interested in swaps? Creative Crafty Friends on FB is where I am participating. I know we’d be happy to see you there as well. Just click here.

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14 thoughts on “Art From Others

    • aren’t those booklets wonderful? I need to think of something really special to do with them

  1. I really love that you send these gorgeous works of Art so nice and large that we can see the details “up close”. You are sharing so much joy and happiness with all the swaps and pages and tags and photos, etc. You are the only “blog” that I keep and study. Thank you for being you!

    • thank you so much, I needed to hear these words today. the financial cost of keeping the blog has been weighing heavily on me lately. so your timing is perfect. thank you, I hope I can continue to inspire you

  2. What wonderful art gift happy mail! Lots of talent in your great group!

    And thank you for your kind words??

  3. That was some awesome artwork! Everybody is so talented! Thanks you for showing us!

    • I enjoy receiving art from others – it helps me get better at my own art. and yes, I am blessed to receive so much <3

    • I do! and I’m going to include as many tiles as I can in my book for Zen-untangled! thank you <3

  4. When I read you’re midst SEVEN swaps I just laughed. HOW do you do it as well as Zen-untangled? I’m intrigued to see what you do with those journal pages. Like Andree, yours is the only blog that I follow & comment on, as I said in an earlier comment – it keeps me up to date with the crafting world though I’ve not got time or space to participate. Maybe there’s a less costly way of keeping the blog going??

    • I don’t know what it would be. it has cost me over $1000.00 this past year. I am paid up through the end of October. but I can’t justify it after that. so I am not sure what I will do. looking at options now. so if you have any brilliant ideas I would love to hear them 🙂 not even kidding

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