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The Letter A Swap was a fun one! I showed you the alligator ATC a couple days ago, yesterday I made an angelfish to go with it.

Creative Crafty Friends posts new swaps at the beginning of each month. This month I signed up for eight of them. Still have a couple to make yet. For my angelfish I began by pulling out pieces that might work with the beautiful colors on the angelfish collage piece from Joggles.

These colors were pretty much perfect. I started with an ATC cut from an old bubblewrap gelli print that you have seen at least twice before. That scrap at the bottom is from an old watercolor piece I made using some shimmery Yasutomo paints. And my Dyestress Ink Pads. I wanted to ink the sides of the shimmery piece using all three inks.

And that worked. And the colors looked good over the ATC but I needed to run the scrap through the sticker machine first.

For the base I used the inchworm and scuba colors to ink the edges. I thought they looked great with the colors already on the paper.

Can I just show you this ATC? I think some of that color is from the Pebeo Iridescent acrylics I used in making the gelli pull. Aren’t they yummy?

OK, removing the sticker backing turned my strip into a big ol’ sticker that I just slapped at an angle across the card.

From there I trimmed off the excess. Then with a grey Copic fineliner I loosey gooseyed around the bubbles created by the bubble wrap on the gelli plate. Just adding some layers and texture.

In that very first photo did you see the one inch wide scrap of white paper that had a tangled airways on it? It was a leftover bit from some artwork I drew for one of my books. I thought it might make a nice sun or jellyfish. So I turned it into a sticker, fussy cut it and put it in place. But the whole right side was missing. Yep.

Easy enough to fix with a technical pen from Zebra Pen.

And then it was time to work with my angelfish. I had also put her through the sticker machine but before I removed the sticker paper, I edged her fins and tail with the aster color ink pad.

Then put her in place. She didn’t take up as much space as I had envisioned. Hmmm.

So I used that same technical pen and added some Indy Rella fish and some tipple along the bottom, as well as dropping tipple. And then I called her done. √

Remember, ATCs are 2.5″ x 3.5″, so they are tiny works of art. Not a lot of room to work with but more than enough to make a cool piece of art. For yourself or to share. Interested in some swapping for yourself? Check out Creative Crafty Friends by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “Angelfish ATC

  1. Love the way you integrated everything, especially the Airways snippet completed into the ATC itself. That little angelfish looks brilliant with his Indy Rella frineds.

    • I think it’s the first time I used a piece of art like I did the airways snippet, I was very pleased with it. and those Indy Rellas are so much fun to draw

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