Jail Bird, Hahahaha!


Hahahaha! Don’t you just love that title? Recently I signed up for the Letter J Swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Mark and I were talking late at night and I was super tired. I told him I had no idea at all what to do for the letter J, then I was like . …. Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 5


Last week we took a break to allow a lot of our members to catch up. Zen-untangled keeps rolling along with seven patterns a week, a string, and a tile and we have a lot of brand new tanglers joining us in the journey. I think the break was much needed and helped many to… Continue Reading

Snow Baby <3


A couple days ago I showed you the first Letter S ATC I made for a swap, today I want to show you the second. We work in sets of twos, which means I need two ideas for each letter we do. As I stand here and stare out my studio window I see snow,… Continue Reading

Fairy Collage Work


Warning. Read that – Danger! Will Robinson! Hahahaha! Photo heavy post ahead. Reading may cause you to want to take the afternoon off to make art! And I hope you do. Creative Crafty Friends had a super idea that doesn’t involve packaging, postage, trips to the post office. None of that. It involves following a… Continue Reading

If the Shoe Fits


Creative Crafty Friends has kept me plenty busy this month. Hahaha! I finished up four swaps yesterday – here is one! The Letter S. I interpreted that to mean shoes. Hahaha! You can never have too many shoes! I began with a 2.5″ x 3.5″ watercolor ATC base, a couple Tombow Fudenosuke Neon brush pens… Continue Reading

Traveling Journals


I am participating in a traveling journal swap. We began by sending an empty journal on to the next person on the list. The thought being that each time we receive a journal in the mail we complete a couple pages, then forward it on to someone else. In the end we should receive our… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Break Time


Week four of Zen-untangled! has just wrapped up! My FB group Tangle All Around has gained almost 200 new members this month and many are still trying to get a grasp on the project. So, I decided to give everyone a one week break so people can get their feet under them. I did have… Continue Reading

Donuts, Anyone?


A Creative Crafty Friends swap saw me combining Hahnemühle paper with Joggles product and having one great time playing with both! The swap called for us to make one index card size piece of art that included a person, a number and a piece of a book page. Easy peasy! I wanted a paper that… Continue Reading

Down the Rabbit Hole


Awhile back I walked you through an ATC I made of a rabbit for the Letter R Swap. My friend Andrea commented that she would like to have that particular ATC but I had already sent it to the new owner. So this past week I made Andrea a replacement and named it Down the… Continue Reading

Last Week in Maine


It has been a crazy week for weather here in northern Maine. And a good one for pictures when we were able to get out of the house. This winter hasn’t been as bad as last year was. Not nearly as much snow and it started a lot later this go round. By this time… Continue Reading