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Recently I challenged my FB group Tangle All Around to create a chop and use it as a string. Sound like a foreign language? Or did you understand that? Hahahah! In the artsy world a chop is the way you sign your name. Usually a configuration of your initials. Most people try to make it artistic looking. I wanted my members to design their own chop they can use to sign their art.

My chop has changed over the years. I’ve had at least three with this one being the most abstract but still readable. I start with the large 4 shape which is really a capital A for my first name, then I add the cross bar which makes the letter H if you look at the signature sideways. Both my initials are in this little chop that I can quickly sign. Last week I wanted the tanglers to use their chop as a string and add the tangles. Strings are just pencil lines we use to divide our paper into sections that we add patterns to.

I made mine easy enough that you could still see the structure of my chop – to give you a good idea of what we did. I tangled it using TootsieMoon and ixorus.

Typically when I sit down to tangle up a piece of artwork, I begin by drawing my chop randomly on the paper. Then I add the tangles and it gets sort of embedded. Sometimes it is easy to find like in this piece of art.

And sometimes it’s a little harder to find like in this piece of art. I promise it’s there! Do you have a particular way you sign your artwork? It is a good habit to get into and you really should sign every piece. Maybe a chop is the way you could go?

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4 thoughts on “Tangled My Chop

    • I was taught early on that you should always sign your work. hahahaha! I didn’t do it for many years, I started because of my blog

  1. Lovely informative post. I have to say that I do like this latest chop of yours & the way you place it. I did have to hunt a bit for it within the floral piece but I know that if I scrutinise your Printemps first I might find a clue………..

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