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Mark makers. I’ve talked about them a decent bit lately. Things you find around your home that you can use to make interesting marks in paints or on gelli plates. This may be the shortest post I’ve ever made.

My daughter and I subscribe to Fab, Fit, Fun and each season we open our boxes together using FaceTime. Works great since we live on different sides of the country. This little purple item was the very first thing I saw when we opened boxes a couple weeks ago. And I immediately said ooh! gelli plate! And Kali started laughing – knowing exactly when I meant!

Sorry for this blurry photo. The purple thing is squishy and it was part of our box in hopes of getting us to buy their really cool mattress. This one of a kind mark maker is about three inches across. When I was working with my gelli plates recently I had a layer of orange-pink paint rolled out and I just grabbed this purple piece and started using it like a stamp. Hahahaha! It was so hard to pick up once I stuck it in the paint! But I was able to make several stamped images of it in various places, then I made a print using a piece of computer paper. Way too much of this orange color to use that print, but I liked the imaging I saw. So I rolled out a thin layer of yellow over the stamped images and the orange on my gelli plate.

And lifted this print by placing a sheet of card stock onto the gelli plate and smoothing it down with my hand. Check out those marks made with the purple thingy. Isn’t that cool??? Start thinking in different ways about items you come across. You never know when something really different and neat is going to fall into your lap. Almost literally!

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10 thoughts on “Simple Mark Maker

  1. Cool mark-maker! Lol! Hubby gets so mad at me when we’re at the store and I grab some odd thing and put it in the cart. “whaddya want THAT for”? He just doesn’t get it.

  2. Yes its so cool, you never know what will make a great pattern, I removed a long strip of wide elastic from some old pants and I rolled it up into a tight roll, put a rubber band around it. I have used that multiple times in my stamping work and i know it would work with a gelli plate as well, the same wit an old leather belt. just roll up and stamp away.

  3. I had to google this subscription as I had no idea what it might be!!! It’s intriguing what you can do with different textured items isn’t it & I can see you’re well tuned to what is gelli friendly – it’s so good when you get to know your tools isn’t it?

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