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This is a post I should have made a couple weeks ago. Sorry. Better late than never I guess. Hahaha! I do love these Lindy’s Shakers! Cute little canisters and you just sprinkle the color, then add water. This time, though, I wanted to try a little different technique to get the color onto the tiles.

I began with Glittering Gold and just sprinkled some onto my craft mat. Then sprayed some water on it. No need to mix it and do anything more than spray it with water – it mixes automatically. Then I used the edge of the tile to scoop the wet blobs up onto the tile and let them run. Super technical technique. Hahaha!

You can see that I scooped the color up onto the left hand side, then tilted the tile causing three runs across the tile to happen. All those speckles of other colors are from the leftovers on my craft mat from previous color explorations 🙂 .

Then I repeated the process with another sprinkling of gold, water and scooping. I really love this! I could tangle this tile just like this but I chose to do more with it. I sat it aside to dry and played with some other tiles. Let me show you a couple.

I didn’t clean the gold off the mat, but added some Lederhosen Laurel and some water. I really like how the teal and gold mixed.

This tile I just laid down into the color and smooshed. Nothing fancy. I wanted to tangle this tile but it needed a little oomph!

Introducing Oomph! Hahaha! Cuckoo Clock Cardinal is the color name. And I still see a bit of that gold popping up!

And this is what I tangled once the tile dried. I was working with Tiles from Hahnemühle. I tangled with technical pens from Zebra Pen.

Here is another I worked on using Guten Tag Teal and Polka Purple. The names of these colors are so much fun!

And here it is dry. These YouTangle tiles are absorbent, which causes the colors to lighten as they dry. For that reason I usually go a little heavy with the color on these. Hahahaha! I know that surprises you, right?

Last project for this post. I used Glittering Gold and Time Travel Teal. Sprinkled on the mat – this gives you an idea of how little color I actually use. These Shakers will last me a long time.

After I sprayed water on the powder, I scooped the color up with the tile. Does the tile look familiar? Think back to the very first tile I showed you where I scooped up gold. Once it dried it really lightened up – this is that same tile. And this photo really shows the scooping action well!

And once I had all that wet color on the tile I just tilted it this way and that – causing runs and drips.

And rotating and causing more color to spread and still you can see that gold shining through.

And I liked it, so I stopped and let it dry. Isn’t it beautiful?

Here it is dry. There is really a lot of gold on this tile. Hard to photograph but it is there. Let me show it to you at an angle.

Hahaha! Lots of gold! And I love it! Lindy’s Shakers! I need to play with these more. I really like this scoop technique!

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10 thoughts on “Lindy's Shakers

  1. Love this post Alice. And the tiles you’ve made!

    I’ve stumbled across the scoop technique too recently, I like how it offers more control that just squishing the whole tile down. I’ve also done it to get some metallic watercolour from a pan onto my tile. Mix it, paint a blob onto my mat – spritz, scoop!

    I also sometimes run a few lines of drips onto the tile at a later time if I want a bit more or different colour – which in my case I rarely do! 😉

    • no problem at all. before you tangle, use a paper towel and buff the surface to get rid of any loose sparkle

  2. That teal with gold looks amazing – wonder how the gold will react with the pen nibs though. Knowing you that will come in another post………

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