Leda, Zebra and Ribbon Rose


A winning combination? I love it when my products come together and make a fun piece of art! Hahaha! Don’t you love it when yours do? I want to show you a fun piece I put together in about 20 minutes total using products from Leda Art Supply and Zebra Pen.

Recently I pulled out my medium Leda Sketchbook and a handful of mildliners from Zebra. You already know I like to include alcohol when I work with my mildliners, but for these pages I used the mildliners in the traditional sense. Using five or six different colors I quickly drew a bunch of spirals all over both pages of the Leda sketchbook. I didn’t worry about placement – as you can see they overlapped. A lot. Then I used a green to add in some petal shapes here and there.

Next I grabbed a .01 technical pen from Zebra and tangled up a bunch of ribbon roses. All over both pages. I didn’t worry about completing every ribbon rose and I didn’t worry about turning every spiral into a rose.

I love how these two pages turned out and it didn’t take that long to complete. Leda and Zebra make a fine working team! Ribbon rose is one of my tangles I designed and included in Tangle All Around the World. Want to try it?

You can either watch this video to see how I draw them OR

you can follow this easy step out.

My FB group Tangle All Around is getting ready to embark on a six month tangle project. If you are interested just click here, answer the three easy questions to let me know you are a person and not a machine and I will let you in. Hope to see you there!

I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen and Leda Art Supply. They provide me with product to use and review. The ideas expressed here are all my own.

Leda Art Supply products
Zebra Pen products
Tangle All Around the World – a compilation of 453 tangle patterns gathered from artists worldwide
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6 thoughts on “Leda, Zebra and Ribbon Rose

  1. Ha – finally saw why I couldn’t get these roses to look right. I was making a closed loop to start instead of an open one & initially going too many revolutions. Just a sheet of lined paper & a ballpoint pen next to the computer…….hmm……. should really be formulating Returns Procedures Forms for when I go back to work Thurs. Just love the looseness you achieved with that large piece using the Mildliners. Keep seeing them pop up in use here & there so shall go investigate ……… Thank you for putting the video & step-outs together like this.

    • you’re welcome 🙂 I don’t like making videos but I do realize they have a value. have fun at work Thursday. enjoy your time off <3

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