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I haven’t had a lot of time to play with these new alcohol inks I purchased from Dublin, but I really like what I have done so far! Kielty is a new brand of alcohol ink that has a lot of potential. The biggest point for me is they have basically no smell. And the colors are beautiful!

Let’s walk through a quick project. I was using the same alcohol ink card stock I showed you yesterday, along with my air maker. I had a lazy Susan cake decorator spinner that I decided to work with. It makes it easier to rotate your work while you administer the air to manipulate the colors! I began by squeezing down a line of isopropyl alcohol, then dropped in a little bit of color. As I applied air – I rotated the paper.

To that I added a little olive color and kept applying air while rotating.

Where the piece was getting a little too dry I added a drop or two of alcohol and kept working the air.

And when I got something I liked, I sat this aside to dry. Let me show you.

Isn’t it beautiful? I love the way the colors mix to make subtle other colors.

Here is a second piece I made the same way . . .

. . . and here it is dry. Not enough detail steps for you? Let us do one more.

Start with the line of isopropyl alcohol, then add a few drops of color. These are the basics for a beautiful tile.

Before I started working with air, I tilted and turned the paper to spread that color out a little. I like to work with runs and drips.

Then I started using the air to push that color and alcohol around.

I was able to push the color a good way and got some good coverage. Even some interesting little areas started to develop.

And I introduced a new color with a few drops.

And continued to push the color. I also added a few drops of alcohol where it needed a bit more help.

I added a little more color and kept applying air.

Isn’t this pretty once dry? Just keep working with the air until you get an arrangement of colors you love and stop.

Two others I made using the Kielty inks. I really like these inks – primarily because of the no smell. Brea Reese and Marabu both have brighter, bolder colors but these are really lovely, too! Ranger Alcohol Inks? Smell, big time and give me migraines. It really is up to you and what works best for you. I would recommend each of these four brands just try a bottle or two of each and see what works best for you before you spend a lot of money getting started.

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8 thoughts on “Kielty Alcohol Inks

  1. That first olive and teal tile is my favourite followed by the second one in that colour combo. Think that fumes are a real problem for migraines or asthma so these sound a huge plus. Again thank you for the testing so people know before they buy.

    • next I want to test them all on various plastic papers so I can get a really good idea of what they are all capable of

  2. These inks are top notch! The nozzles are a little large, but you just have to be careful. The colors are wonderful, and they wisp out beautifully!

    • they sure do! I need to learn how to use the extra tips I bought with them. haven’t had the time, but I really do love these colors

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