Gelli Plate Print Finals


You know I had so much fun playing with gelli plates a couple weeks ago. No teaching today, just showing. Here are the prints I saved. The ones I want to hang onto for ATCs, for tangling or for including in Tangle Starts 2. Hahahahaha! Cause you just never know what I might do with these!

If these were fabric I would make a quilt!

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10 thoughts on “Gelli Plate Print Finals

    • thanks, sandra, all done in about 30 minutes. I could do this everyday if I had the time

    • thanks! send me a message and tell me which ones you want. I have a couple I am attached to 🙂

  1. It’s the way those top two pairs of prints match up from left to right that’s so eye-catching for me. You did get a lot of prints with all your playing & having seen what you’ve done previously with your backgrounds when it comes to ATCs I can see these will be a huge resource in you stash for future use.

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