Gelli Plate and Bubbles


Mark making tools. As you find them put them into a box to save for days like this one! Let me show you a couple finds of mine.

I don’t remember how I came into possession of this really cool piece of paper. It is thick and sturdy and I immediately thought gelli plate when I saw it! So I put it in my basket of gelli plates and today I pulled it out. I began by brayering a layer of orange craft paint onto my gelli plate, then placed the paper face down into the color. This piece of paper is bumpy and textured like this on both sides. I rubbed it smoothly all over with my hand, then lifted the purple paper off the gelli plate and set it aside.

Then I made a print by placing a sheet of paper onto the gelli plate and smoothing it down with my hand, then pulling it away from the plate.

Next I rolled out a layer of iridescent green/yellow paint onto the plate. I really like this piece of bubble wrap. Most of the bubble wrap I have has the small bubbles but not this one. It has really nice large bubbles. I took this sheet and placed it onto the paint of the plate and smoothed it down all over with my hand.

When I lifted the bubble wrap away from the plate it left this texture behind. It removed some paint from the areas where it made bubble shapes and you can see there is a mixture of both orange and green color left behind. Mud? Let’s see.

Not really. This is a piece of thin computer paper I used to lift some of the color. And the combination of the two colors did not make mud but kept the integrity of each color.

Then without adding any more paint to the plate, I placed two smaller pieces of mixed media paper down and smoothed them down really well with my hand.

And I was able to lift this much color and texture on these prints. Most of the color had now been removed from the plate but you can see in the background there was still some bubble texture remaining.

I added a layer of iridescent green/yellow on top without cleaning the plate. I never clean my plates. Hahahaha! If you look at this plate you will see flowers, some geometric shapes, some citrus shapes and some bubbles – all from past lifts. The shapes are still there.

I used that piece of bubble wrap again and lifted away some of the color – and left behind some texture.

Then without making any prints – I added another layer of that orange color right over the top. I brayered it lightly so it would not disturb the texture of the bubbles.

And placed two pieces of mixed media paper onto the plate. This time I used my brayer to rub over the paper to make my prints. I had a ton of paint on my hands already and this seemed to make more sense. Hahahah!

And pulled my prints. That’s gelli-speak for pulling the paper off the plate and seeing what you got! You can see from this post alone that you can get a lot of mileage from your texture mark making materials. I used two in this post and those bubbles kept giving and giving. Let me show you these pieces with photos taken in natural light so you get a better idea of the colors.

These will eventually get cut down into ATCs or some of the pages may even wind up in Tangle Starts 2 when I put it together. And that bubble wrap? I stamped it onto my clean off paper and put the piece of wrap back into my gelli plate box for future use.

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12 thoughts on “Gelli Plate and Bubbles

  1. Very cool. It seems to be all about the order in which you do things. I’ve started saving textures … bubble wrap (both large & small), some stiff bumpy thick Kraft paper, some netting from a bag of avocados, some drywall tape (small mesh)and some surgical gauze. After Christmas when I have time to play, I will christen my pristine gelli plate and see what happens!

  2. I used to have a huge stash of papers and cardboard to use for mark making. I finally had to get rid of them for lack of storage. I kind of miss them.

    • I need to start a box specifically for this kind of thing. right now I have them stuffed in with my gelli plates

    • and you will come up with your own ideas, too. and then you need to share them with me 🙂

  3. I do like those last 4 pieces – but then I like brown colours, & greens! Have always like the combination of brown & orange so………. Often get those large bubbles bubble wrap in the shop & think of mark making. Yes, would imagine you’d get quite some mileage out of that one piece, they’re pretty sturdy compared to the small bubble bubble wrap.

    • it’s the first time I tried the large bubbles and I do like them better! next time I may mix it up – some large mixed in with some of the smaller bubbles

  4. Catching up on posts – love how many layers you can keep peeling away, and those echoes of older prints, it’s so poetic and inspiring, like the way memories layer and build to form a life!

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