Easy Gelli Plate Project


Last week I showed you a bunch of prints I made with gelli plates. Today let’s walk through a really simple technique that anyone can do with some basic supplies.

Supplies. Uh yes, a photo would be helpful. Instead here is a list:

And that’s it. To get going, I squeezed out a bit of iridescent green/yellow Pebeo Studio Acrylic paint onto my gelli plate and spread it with a brayer. Making sure to get complete coverage on the plate. Then I placed a stencil over the top. Here I am using a 9″ x 12″ from Joggles called Climbing Feathers.

Second step was to place a piece of paper over the stencil. I have used every kind of paper you can imagine. Even envelopes and fliers from Disney World. Hahahaha! This is a sheet of computer paper. I use card stock, paper made for printing, craft paper – you get the idea. Paper. Then smooth it down all over. Sometimes I use a brayer to do this, this particular time I just used my hands – making sure the paper made contact with the paint through the stencil.

Then I peeled the paper away from the stencil and gelli plate. This is the print I got. Sometimes I use this first lift just like it is. Sometimes I sit it to the side and come back to it later and use it for another lift.

But that isn’t what I want to show you with this project. After I pulled that print away – this is what the gelli plate looked like. There is still paint in the places the stencil covered up. Don’t bother it – leave it just like that. Then I added a dab of fluorescent pink at the top and iridescent blue/green at the bottom. And gently brayered those to cover the plate, keeping the pink on the top and the teal on the bottom half.

Guess I could have been a little more careful with the layers, but I am going to cut this sheet into pieces anyway. I used a new sheet of paper to make this lift. Using the same method as before – just rubbing my hand firmly over the entire piece of paper. Easier to do this time since there was no stencil underneath. And yet, you see I still get the same climbing feathers design. I could go on and make several more prints using several more techniques and I would still have bits of this design show up for another 5 or 6 prints.

Here is what it looks like once a photo was taken in natural light. A really easy technique that you could do today. If you have those few basic supplies. You can even do this with inexpensive craft paint from Walmart and computer paper. All you need in addition is a gelli plate – and they come in a bunch of sizes – and a brayer. This will get you started. I plan on showing you some more ideas over the next few days. Preparing for a trip out of town soon also.

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10 thoughts on “Easy Gelli Plate Project

  1. I’m so glad you are showing us how to use gelli plates!! I bought one … but it’s still untouched and oh-so-clean. 🙂 What you’ve shown here is beautiful!

    • thanks, jan, just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. so much you can do with gelli plates

    • thanks, phillis, going on a food run. not even kidding. just the one little diner near us here and no one knows how to make BBQ

  2. I’m compiling a list of tangle related things I want to try next year – and gelli plate printing is on there, and I know when I do I’ll be trawling through all your posts to guide me. So my future self thanks you!

  3. The colours are amazing. Brilliant explanation of how to use a gelli plate. I never did get into that but it’s fascinating reading a proper description of how it works.

    • I keep learning all the time. there are so many things you can do with a gelli plate. I’m just touching the tip of the iceberg, so to speak

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