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The swap in Creative Crafty Friends was for the Letter C. For this particular swap we were to make two ATCs with the letter C in mind. A couple days ago I showed you the first Letter C ATC I made for Color. Of course I had to go with Cat for the second! How could I not?

I began the same way I do for all the ATCs – by pulling out items that could work for my topic of Cat.

These are the pieces I ultimately decided to go with. In the middle you can see the ATC base – a piece of Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media paper that I pre-colored with Distress Oxide Inks.

Several years ago I purchased a Korean dictionary on Amazon. I love the characters and the extra punch they give to my artwork. I added this little section with my color shaper and some Dina Wakley Clear Gesso.

After drying the gesso with my heat gun, I trimmed off the excess. And I ran my elements through the sticker machine – turning them into . . . stickers. For easy placement. 🙂

Then I decided where all the elements would go.

I have these Tim Holtz books of sayings that I turn to when I need some words. This particular page is in the Snarky Sayings book. I thought the line words cannot express how much I just don’t care fit a cat perfectly. At least it fits Aurora perfectly. Hahahahaha! I took my cattail ink pad and inked the edges of the saying.

And started putting pieces into place. I knew the cat was going to take up a major portion of the ATC, so I wrapped that saying around the edge and down the side. I used the tiny playing card from Retro Cafe because every cat wants to be the King/Queen of your Heart! Hahahaha!

And once my cat was in place – I trimmed all the excess sticking over the edges of the 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATC.

I usually ink the edges in black but this time I really needed to – to tie in that black cat! I really like how the colors in the cat’s fur and eyes matches my background color piece of bamboo paper.

To tie the last remaining bits together, I used a fan brush to splatter some pink acrylic paint and black ink dots all over the ATC. I especially like how they look on the playing card and the dictionary paper.

And done √ This little kitty and the Color ATC were delivered to their new home in South Carolina already. And the new owner loved them 🙂

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10 thoughts on “C is for Cat – ATC

    • I do, too , and I really thought I was going to use one of those at the beginning. they came from Joggles.com also

  1. I agree the way the background colours are found in the cat image, especially those eyes, really catches the eye & makes the project a cohesive whole – also the script on the paper echoes the other black elements. So what was Aurora’s opinion??

    • Oh, & reading your description of products including a CATTAIL inkpad just made me chuckle – well, you really couldn’t not use that.

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