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Anyone remember the blobimal toys? They included a pack of silly putty-like material and body parts say for a snowman, or a teddy bear. Your child would work with the silly putty, shaping it into the appropriate item, then attach the body parts. Made a pretty spiffy little toy to pass the time with. Then the next morning the little blobimal would have flattened down into a pancake with body parts and your child could start all over again. Sounds fun, right? Hahahaha! Well, that is exactly what I think about when I look at these watercolors I want to show you today.

These watercolor blobs I made were part of a class I signed up for with Jane Davenport. Sadly, I never made it past the first lesson. At the time I was in a little over my head when it came to the drawing part. I think I could do better now so I pulled my art journal back out to have another looksee. That is southern talk 🙂 I used Schmincke watercolors to make each of these blobimals.

You will notice they all have little drips running down to the bottom of the page. And I think most of them were made with just two colors.

Then we took a blob of color and turned it into something. This particular lesson was to make card soldiers from Alice in Wonderland. Yep. This was the extent of my drawing skills. Not sure I can do much better at this point in my life when it comes to people. Hahahahahaha! But I did like the way she turned out. Oh! You can see one of my old chops. Just above her knee. Hahahaha! Those are some skinny little bird legs!

I guess this card soldier will only get one leg. Maybe I can work a cane into the drawing. Or a steampunk leg with metal gears.

This procedure was supposed to get us used to working with watercolor, seeing what colors we got from letting them run together. I think this was supposed to teach us how to make splatters. I think I still needed help with that one. Hahahaha! But it was so much fun and I did eventually learn how to do those.

I could totally turn this into Sully from Monsters, Inc!

And for some reason all I can think of with this one is the old cartoon character Tasmanian Devil. Hahahaha! Or a whirling dervish! Aren’t those colors fun?

I was happy with this one! I don’t draw people but I was satisfied with this. Do I remember how I drew this card soldier? Not a clue. It’s been too long. But I can almost hear someone somewhere yelling Off with their heads! Hahahahaha!

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12 thoughts on “Blobimal Art

  1. These are too cool! I love your card soldiers! And Sully is an absolute favorite of mine – my grandkids were the right age when Monsters, Inc came out – I think I have seen it thousands of times. You have a lovely touch and your ladies have a fun, whimsical and a bit mischievous look ?

  2. These card people are wonderful and so fun!!! I hope you will take your pen to the rest and create some fun critters or characters.

  3. Interesting – I like both of these soldiers, you could make a whole army of these (perhaps that should be a ‘pack’) & it’s definitely Alice in Wonderland country. Amazing how much individual character these to soldiers have.

  4. Love the concept and the execution (no pun intended) ?. So many things to experiment with!

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