Alcohol Pearls and Merry Christmas!


These alcohol pearls from Ranger are still relatively new and I thought I’d show you some simple play time today using just a few colors. Primarily because I only have a few colors. 🙂

These are the only colors I used in this post. And I’m telling you I do not care for the names. I am used to names like pink, yellow and blue. Hahahaha! I think I’ve told you that before in regards to these colors. For a base I used some pieces of Grafix – a type of plastic ‘paper.’ I cut them down into 4″ x 6″ pieces.

For the first piece I just dropped random dots of yellow and blue, which combined to make green in some areas. Easy peasy. Yes? And while the colors were still wet I used my air maker to start pushing the colors around. Looking for a configuration that was pleasing to my eye.

I added in a couple more drops of yellow around the outside. This is how my art turned out once dry. Pretty spiffy! I actually cut this piece into ATCs.

For this piece I used the pink and blue, where they combined I got some purple. Grade school color theory 101. It is what I understand. Color wheels are not my thing.

In this photo you can see the tip of my air maker. I hope to put a link right here where you can see it in whole – I found a different brand but it will work the exact same way. A squeeze bulb allows me to use air to push these colors around the paper. I did not use any additional alcohol on these pieces. Just the pearls and air.

It worked really well! You can see a little shimmer and sparkle in this shot of the completed piece once dry. That would be the ‘pearl’ part of the ink.

And I saved the best for last! Look at all that color! And I still used just the three colors. You really don’t need one of every color they make. Unless you can afford them and just have to have them! Hahaha! I dropped color here and there and used the air to start manipulating the inks.

I can’t even tell you how much I love this! Still wet, and until it is dry the colors can still mingle and merge a bit.

I guess it really didn’t change much. I just love all these colors! I can’t believe I got all this ‘pretty’ with just three bottles. But I did. And just a note – these bottles spit out color as you tip them over to use – like those pinks spots at the top – just be aware of it. And because I know people will ask – yes, you can tangle these. I have the best results using a Copic multiliner or a Pitt Pen. If you have other pens just try them on a scrap first. Just to be sure.

There may or may not be posts the next day or two. We will be observing the spirit of Christmas with our family. But I will surely be back shortly afterwards. From our house to yours – may your holidays be wonderful and filled with love. If you celebrate the Christ of Christmas like we do may you remember to be thankful above all else that God sent His son to the earth to make a way for us to live forever. Love you all so much!

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20 thoughts on “Alcohol Pearls and Merry Christmas!

  1. Simple colours combined to make something wonderful! Which says a lot about the season to me. We gather together to share whatever we’ve got and something special is created.

    Best wishes and love to you too Alice! (I’m offline for much of the festive season – but I’ll catch up with what I’ve missed here in the new year!)

  2. May your Christmas be blessed and your new year be rich and full in everything God calls you to do. I so appreciate your heart and how you let Him use you through your art. You are a blessing to us all.

  3. Gorgeousness!! I plan to play with alcohol inks in the new year – thanks to you and your inspiration! Merry Christmas, Alice, to you and Mark and your entire family. I’m grateful for you!

  4. Hope you’ve had a lovely time with family. These colours you produced through mixing are amazing from just those 3 bottles. Just goes to show you have to try things out, it’s impossible to imagine.

    • I was impressed with all the beautiful color I got! and yes, we had a great time with family. we even face-timed with kali on Christmas night

    • I love the pearls and a bonus is they don’t smell as bad as the other ranger alcohol inks 🙂

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