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Have a little Christmas money you want to part ways with? Hahahaha! Or hope to have a little Christmas money to part ways with? Let me show you a journal sent to me by my dear friend Robin Mead.

If you have followed me for long you have already heard of Robin. She is a color artist living and working in Georgia and she loves bright, bold, wild and crazy color just like me! Robin typically works on large sheets of mixed media paper creating beautiful paintings that she can turn into journal covers – or even pages inside the journal. I like how she finishes her handmade journals with ribbons and beads and bangles. And even bands to hold them closed.

Robin makes these journals in various ways, but this particular one has two signatures inside. Each signature has twelve pages – or 24 work surfaces. Times two that makes a total of 48 work surfaces in this journal. The really cool thing about this specific set up is . . .

. . . I can remove the pages I want to work on and create my art without the bulk of the book being an issue. And I really like that. My work area is many times – read that ‘most times‘ – cluttered and not having the entire journal on the desktop is a real plus.

Robin really pays attention to detail and I love her journals so much that I actually have at least ten of them, plus one she taught me how to make myself when I attended a class she offered awhile back.

You can see some pages are more subdued, some are brighter and bolder. She also includes some blank pages and makes these according to your specifications. Water color paper, mixed media paper, sketch paper.

I began with this page and my TWSBI Eco fountain pen. It draws over everything. I believe Robin used acrylics and craft paint on this particular page. I do know she uses every art product you can think of at some point. Hahahaha! I love her versatility!

I liked this page so much I did both sides of it! And check out the edge of the paper! Sometimes straight cut, sometimes wavy, sometimes hand torn, sometimes zig zag cut – Robin mixes it up so you have a good variety! Her work is so eclectic and fun! I think I will keep on working in this journal today while I catch up on the CW with the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event!

But let’s go back to my initial question about Christmas money. Hahahaha! I did not forget! Robin has a website where she sells her artworks, prints, originals, journals, bowls, cards, shawls – many other items. If you don’t see what you want just send her a message and she will help you get what you are looking for. Here are a couple links:

Robin Mead Designs – all her product
Robin Mead Designs – Handmade Art Journals

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10 thoughts on “A Robin Mead Art Journal

  1. I loved this post. mixed media is the entrance to abstract art, Its especially jump started with the gelly art printing.
    finding your way with color shapes and knowing where and when to stop. even you fails can be printed over and used somewhere else. It opens up possibility. when combined with zentangle the art there also needs a stopping place. filling all the light and dark places with tangles can sometimes be too much. discernment to know where to stop and let the paint be the design is what will separate it into the mixed media genre.

  2. Now that last page you’re working on – that’s my favourite, mind you I’m always intrigued by the way you know where to tangle on top of colour & how your tangles sort of become a part of the whole. Those loosey goosey flowers are fun to see. Can imagine you have a lot of fun working with these journals.

    • they really are so much fun! and robin loves color as much as I do so that makes them even better

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