My FB group Tangle All Around is getting ready to embark on a new project! I had an epiphany a short time ago and have been thinking through this new idea, mulling over different approaches to fit everyone’s tangle style. And I am getting ready to announce it in group New Year’s Eve with the… Continue Reading

Blobimal Art


Anyone remember the blobimal toys? They included a pack of silly putty-like material and body parts say for a snowman, or a teddy bear. Your child would work with the silly putty, shaping it into the appropriate item, then attach the body parts. Made a pretty spiffy little toy to pass the time with. Then… Continue Reading

Leda, Zebra and Ribbon Rose


A winning combination? I love it when my products come together and make a fun piece of art! Hahaha! Don’t you love it when yours do? I want to show you a fun piece I put together in about 20 minutes total using products from Leda Art Supply and Zebra Pen. Recently I pulled out… Continue Reading

Kielty Alcohol Inks


I haven’t had a lot of time to play with these new alcohol inks I purchased from Dublin, but I really like what I have done so far! Kielty is a new brand of alcohol ink that has a lot of potential. The biggest point for me is they have basically no smell. And the… Continue Reading

From Our Family to Yours


Yes, I know Christmas was a couple days ago. Hahahaha! I have just finished taking down the trees and putting all the decorations into their boxes and into the closet. You should see my upstairs clothes closet! I am the Queen of Packing Stuff! Even I impressed myself! Hahahahahaha! I really like these trees I… Continue Reading

Faux Alcohol Ink Using Mildliners


Recently I shared a project with the folks at Zebra Pen and hopefully they will include it on their website soon. In the meantime, I want to show you a similar project using their mildliners with some isopropyl alcohol. Supplies are simple: I really like working with Tim’s alcohol ink card stock for quick projects…. Continue Reading

Alcohol Pearls and Merry Christmas!


These alcohol pearls from Ranger are still relatively new and I thought I’d show you some simple play time today using just a few colors. Primarily because I only have a few colors. 🙂 These are the only colors I used in this post. And I’m telling you I do not care for the names…. Continue Reading

Lindy's Shakers


This is a post I should have made a couple weeks ago. Sorry. Better late than never I guess. Hahaha! I do love these Lindy’s Shakers! Cute little canisters and you just sprinkle the color, then add water. This time, though, I wanted to try a little different technique to get the color onto the… Continue Reading

Tangled My Chop


Recently I challenged my FB group Tangle All Around to create a chop and use it as a string. Sound like a foreign language? Or did you understand that? Hahahah! In the artsy world a chop is the way you sign your name. Usually a configuration of your initials. Most people try to make it… Continue Reading

A Robin Mead Art Journal


Have a little Christmas money you want to part ways with? Hahahaha! Or hope to have a little Christmas money to part ways with? Let me show you a journal sent to me by my dear friend Robin Mead. If you have followed me for long you have already heard of Robin. She is a… Continue Reading