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Christmas ATCs and a surprise. The swap in Creative Crafty Friends called for making three of these. Today I want to walk you through the making of my favorite one. The vintage Santa. I have just been waiting for such an opportunity as this.

Christmas ATCs means Christmas ephemera, papers, scraps, images, anything Christmas related is fair game. So I started by pulling out anything and everything Christmas and figured out three ATCs I could make with the fixings.

Another element of the swap was to build all this on a playing card. What???? Yep! Did you know – cause I did not – that a playing card is the exact same size as an ATC? I learned something new with this one. I had these beautiful images I got from Barb at Joggles. com and I knew I wanted to use one of the old timey Santas. And I wanted a layering of papers behind him. These color scraps were just perfect! I knew the one on the left was large enough to cover the playing card, and I hand tore the top edges of the other two because I like torn edges, and they really adhere well. Hahahaha!

I began by coating that card with clear gesso and placing the paper down, smooshing it down real well. There are a lot of products you can use for this step. I use the clear gesso because it is what I have.

Next I attached the red piece, then the other patterned piece last. Notice the red doesn’t extend all the way to the bottom of the card. That doesn’t matter because the patterned piece covered it up. And yes, they are not even on the sides. Hahahahah! Not important at this point.

I mentioned a surprise. I imagine most people making these will have the card back as the back of the ATC. Not me. I intentionally left the important part of the playing card where it would be what is visible when the new owner turns this ATC over. And here you can see all the paper sticking off the edges. Once everything was dry, I just trimmed it away and tossed the leftover in the trash.

This is how it looked at this point in the game.

You know what came next, right? I used an Archival black ink pad to go around those edges and to scruff up the surface a bit. I wanted this ATC to look aged a bit and this is a perfect way to do that.

I showed you this tray a couple weeks ago. I mixed up some of my favorite colors of Lindy’s Shakers and keep them on hand for quick projects. Glittering gold is an awesome one! It doesn’t so much add color as it does shimmer! And I thought it would be magical on this ATC.

See what I mean? It doesn’t greatly change the color of the underlying paper but it does add some awesome glittery, shimmery beauty. Still wet in this photo.

Check this awesome bit of wonderful out. Let me find a link because you need some of these in your stash! Chris, do you hear me? Hahaha! Think art journaling wonderfulness. These Victorian image sheets are made in Germany. Joggles has a large selection – with and without glitter. A couple years ago Barb was including a sheet of these as freebies with orders. She saw they were a huge hit and now carries them regularly in the store. I knew I wanted to use that Santa in the center – which is why I used the color papers I did.

I trimmed Santa out with all the toys and ran him through my sticker machine. Then lined him up where I wanted him to be and stuck Santa in place!

By trimming the bottom off – my Santa is still grounded and looks right. Then I added some ink along the cut edge to cover up and blend in the line of his robe.

The last detail was the metal snowflake at the top corner. I put it in place with small Zots dots. They work great for embellishments with a little weight to them.

I touched up the black edges one more time just to be sure and called this one done. One of my favorite ATCs I’ve made. And I have two more Santas on that sheet so I could totally make myself one when I have the time. Hahahahaha! Time. What a precious commodity.

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12 thoughts on “Vintage Santa ATC

  1. What a fabulous piece of art! Thanks for showing how these come together. You make it look so easy! But then, that’s what years’ worth of collecting “stuff” will do for you. 🙂

  2. Love the way the red of that background paper picks up the red in the Santa. That’s an intriguing pattern on the undermost piece of paper (that one peeking out the top edge), picks up the Lindy’s shimmery & the snowflake I’d imagine.

    • it does for sure. and you will see it again in another post. I used some of it on another ATC . are you getting tired of looking at ATCs yet?

      • Nope – & I never will for really they were my first real adventure into the world of creativity & how I grew to love stamping. And from there discovered tangle land.

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