Underwater Starts With U


Creative Crafty Friends on Facebook is still swapping ATCs. Yesterday I showed you Unicorn but I still needed one more letter U ATC. So today I worked on an underwater one. Yes, I know it looks like it should be T for Turtle, but I promise you it is U for Underwater. Hahaha!

I began by stamping a couple turtles and watercoloring them. Yes, I know he looks like a hot mess but that is ok. I intended to fussy cut this – which is just fancy terms for cutting the turtle out with a pair of scissors. And whenever I do that I usually have white edges. By overpainting my cute little turtle, when I cut it out I shouldn’t have white edges. Yay! So yes, he does look like a hot mess. Hahaha!

See? No white edges. I cut my watercolor paper to 2.5″ x 3.5″ which is the parameters for an ATC. I used my schmincke watercolors to add some watery looking color and checked to see how my turtle looked on the background. He looked lonely. That’s how he looked.

I had this cool blockwallah turtle stamp that I thought I could use to add some texture to that background.

I hated it so I stamped it all over and over again. So it doesn’t look like a turtle, but it does look like texture so I went with it.

And of course I inked the edges. With that salty ocean color. How could that not be the right color to pick for underwater? Hahahahaha! And when I ink edges, I also scuff some color on the surface to tie it all together.

And more texture came from using this stamp and ink pad. These Kaisercraft stamps are really nice for texture! I’ll see if I can find a link for you.

My turtle did need a buddy cause that was a whole lot of space for him to fill up. So I colored the second turtle and adhered both to the ATC. I wanted the second to look like he was swimming up onto the ATC.

And once I had them in place I chopped off that tail that was sticking off the card. I really liked the placement but that background still needed some help. Many times I will think everything is fine, then as I continue working I will notice that something else needs to be done. So I go back and take care of it. And that is what happened here – too blah! on the background.

So I used my colors and darkened up that bottom just by adding darker colors and added some green to the top.

And I lightened it up a little by blotting. A few water bubbles finished my piece. Are you interested in some swaps? Check out Creative Crafty Friends by clicking here. No pressure, but if you are interested it is a great group!

Note* I could not find this turtle stamp for sale anywhere. It has been discontinued by the company. Sorry.

9 thoughts on “Underwater Starts With U

  1. Yes, this should be ‘T’ for turtle, because t is in words like terrific, tremendous, top-notch and tip-top. I can’t think of a single such word that starts with ‘u’ (although YOU are exceptionally all of the ‘t’ words above!).

  2. I’ve loved the way both this and the Unicorn ATC came together. Not the sort of thing I’d make but so pleasing to watch unfold. However I think I might get myself one of the texture stamps – that would add interest to a background tile for tangling!

  3. Love the placement of the two turtles – & that one has a green head, the other brown but they’re the same kind of turtle, just different individuals. The bubbles & extra colour really did it. Funny how one needs to work with something until it’s fine. No good planning, just plan starting & start…………then off you go.

  4. Ooh that background really made a difference. I am glad that turtle has a friend joining him! ??
    Love this?

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