The Key to Hope


ATCs. They are consuming my waking hours right now. And I love it! They are fun, easy, quick to put together and rewarding. A short amount of time yields a completed piece of artwork. And I can make them while I watch it snow out my studio window. Or watch CW. Too cold to do anything else. Hahaha!

When we sign up to swap in Creative Crafty Friends we agree to make two ATCs to send to one person. For this particular swap I was working on the Letter K. Yesterday I showed you the first one of the set – King – and mentioned the keys to the kingdom. My second ATC is for Key. Specifically the key to hope is faith. I started with these three main elements. I have a small drawer I keep metal pieces like this in – pieces I can use in various types of art. When I have a new theme to work with one of the first places I look is my element drawer.

Originally I thought about building this on a black ATC but I changed my mind at the last minute. I wanted to put down a layer of color and started with these three and my tiny little brayer. Remember – ATCs are 2.5″ x 3.5″ so I didn’t need the big brayer.

I used all three colors by putting just a small dot of color on the paper and rolling it around with the brayer. Not going for any specific look – just trying to mottle the color and cover most of the white.

Start the amount of paint out small, you can always add more if you need to.

I really wanted this ATC to be kind of grungy looking. Old, vintagy, like something you’d find in an antique store. Those first colors were good for a base, but I needed something older looking. Dina’s evergreen color was perfect.

I added it the same way – small dot and roll. And added more where needed. I really loved this layer now and was ready to move on.

A friend sent me some pages from a pocket sized Bible and I thought scripture would be the perfect accompaniment for my Key theme. Especially this scripture. I had two pages and this little section was perfect, as scripture usually is. I attached it with clear gesso and covered it as well. Then trimmed that excess away.

A lot happened since that last picture. Hahahaha! You know me. I get in the zone and forget the phone. I used the moss color of Dyestress Ink Pad and a stamp from Deep Red to make that jumbled background. Then I used a cattail color Dyestress ink pad and a black Archival pad to add color inked around the edges and scuffed over parts of the ATC. Trying to age this piece of paper.

I had an idea that I really wanted to make work! I wanted the recipient of this ATC to be able to look at it and read the key to hope is faith just by interpreting the image itself. I grabbed my modeling paste, that beautiful gold Lindy’s Shaker and a stencil that I forget to photograph.

On a styrofoam plate, I squeezed out a bit of the modeling paste, then added some of the gold Shaker to it. I mixed it together with a palette knife. The stencil I chose had the number two on it, so I lined the stencil up where I wanted the two to be and scraped that gold modeling paste over the number 2 on the stencil. Then gently lifted the stencil away and let this dry and harden. That ‘2’ feels a bit like concrete now. Hahahaha! I adhered the old key and the hope block with small Zots. And stamped the word ‘is’ with a small lettering set I got at Michaels years ago for $1.00. Wow! Look at that! Now that set costs $8.99!

The only thing left was to add the faith block with the same Zots. And I reinked the black part of the edges to make sure it still looked good. And called it done. The key to hope is faith. Because it is. This ATC and the King one have already been delivered to a sweet lady in Oklahoma. That is another fun part of swapping ATCs. All the friends you make and share art with.

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12 thoughts on “The Key to Hope

    • well that is a good thing 🙂 but just between you and me – it isn’t always easy. I’m just persistent and won’t give up. hahaha!

  1. This is absolutely terrific – so good. Now, you mean to say that you used a stamp for that swirly background, you didn’t tangle it???? I’m teasing!!! It’s a super stamp. The greenishness (a word??) of the background really makes me think of Verdigris – so apt for this. Keep warm & safe please.

    • thank you – that is exactly what I was going for – verdigris – but could not remember the word <3

  2. One of my favorite themes is keys. I have a lot of charms that are keys. This is perfect Alice, thanks for sharing it with us.

    • you’re welcome 🙂 maybe it will inspire you to include one of your keys in a piece of your own art <3

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