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Short post today. We are having an ice storm here and the weather is abysmal. Posting short so maybe I can get this live before the power clicks out again. Never fear – we have a generator and we are good.

Starting with my Getting Sketchy for last week. I am trying a new sketchbook from Cheap Joe’s. Hahaha! Great name, yes? I thought this sketchbook would be perfect for storing patterns and I decided to start with cute ones.

And the pages are white so I have no idea why these photos look like they do. Hahahahaha! Check out this Remy pattern from Silke Wagner. People are doing so many different things with it. She named it Remy after the little mouse in Ratatouille. I’ve seen it drawn as mice, teddy bears, Santa Clauses, snowmen, penguins, a seal and I am sure there are others.

I also worked on a few YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemรผhle with my technical pens from Zebra. The color on this one is Lindy’s Shakers. Kuke, cirquital and printemps are the patterns.

Patterns in this one are printemps, kuke and cee-a-mosa.

The color background is Lindy’s Magicals. I love their colors – they are all beautiful so far. I haven’t tried every one but I am working on it. Hahahaha! For this I just tangled up a whole bunch of crescent moon and shaded.

But I felt it was a little plain so I added white gelly roll pen and liked this a bunch more. My instagram friend Phillis said they were staring at her ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha! Yes, they are! Hahahaha!

The weather is supposed to be crazy – pretty much all over North America. Stay safe and be responsible. If you have to drive – take your time, watch out for crazy drivers, and be safe. Maybe throw a couple quilts in the car and make sure you have gloves and a hat and a warm enough coat. We already had to get AAA involved early this morning to pull our son out of a ditch on the side of the interstate – heading home from work and hit a patch of ice. That is all it takes sometimes to ruin your day. Thankfully both Jason and his car were in good shape. Love you guys!

Technical Pens from Zebra Pen

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9 thoughts on “Tangles and Some Sketchy

  1. I agree that Crescent Moon are staring at you! I know you have harsh weather during the winter, but in my part of the world (South Africa) we have a drought and many farmers are on their knees. Regards

    • prayers for rain in South Africa. I wish I could send you a load of this snow to melt and water your fields <3

  2. Don’t you love having artwork to do when it’s wild and woolly outside? So far, we only have rain and I’m hoping it stays that way. It was actually sunny and reasonably warm for November at the Coast.

  3. Take care – glad you’ve got that generator, & that Jason plus car were unscathed. In just a moment things can happen. In your first & third tiles the extra spots of white really make a difference. We have rain, a bit more rain, then some heavy rain, some heavier rain & then some even heavier. Thankful for the flood defences where we live, they’re having a dreadful time further north in the UK.

    • I didn’t know that about your rain. stay safe. I could loan you a boat if you were here ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously, stay safe

      • That’s thoughtful, but we should be fine as there are lot’s of secondary gates to close along the river to seal the flood barriers & keep St Thomas itself safe. Doncaster further north has really got into difficulties.

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