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Inktober is over. Hallelujah! Hahahahaha! I know it is a good event meant to get us in the habit of drawing each day. I am just glad the pressure to create is over and I can go back to having fun with tangling again.

I started with this beautiful tile that my friend Priscilla DeConti colored and sent to me. She sent a whole bunch of pretty colored tiles that I will be working on. For this one I used the string for the week and layered some All Boxed Up, Porter and printemps. I love it!

You will see more about this soon – Miya Arts sent me a set of their beautiful watercolors to play with and talk about. I used an olive and a teal to make this tile.

Then I tangled some viola, printemps and some loosey goosey florals. Highlights were made with a white gelly roll pen and a white chalk pencil.

For this tile, a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle, I completely saturated the paper then added a yellow, pink and purple watercolor from Miya Arts. And I just sat it to the side to dry overnight. I love how it all melted into each other.

A couple days ago I mentioned Johanna Basford’s Inky Wonderland class. I took this tile and added some flowers from her class and tangled some viola to fill in the space. I’m thinking I need to add Johanna’s flowers into my tangle pattern florals. They go so well together. And I got caught up on The Flash while I drew this one.

I am really getting some mileage out of these water gun colored tiles we made in Tangle All Around awhile back. And honestly – I should have made more before the snows start again. Fiore is the name of this pattern. I just love drawing it!

And then there is this tile. Hahahaha! I swear I love this pattern Jody named TunnelVizion so much! You can never go wrong drawing these little guys! So much spunk and personality! The background color is Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks. I used graphite for shading and white charcoal for highlights. This tile is actually 3.5″ square. They all are. Now I think I will sit down – catch up on Arrow – and tangle another couple tiles.

Need a place to learn more about tangling? Head on over to Facebook and Tangle All Around (just click that name), answer the three questions so I know you are a real, live, breathing person and I will let you in.

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2 thoughts on “Tangle Time

  1. Now that golden deep brown with TunnelVizion is quite intriguing but I’m torn between the olive & teal tile & the one including the mauve with Johanna’s flowers, think it has to be the latter that wins by a whisker. I’ve been wondering about that pattern – knew it was one you use often but couldn’t remember the name, Fiore I’ll remember.

    • fire really is a fun pattern. I forget about it sometimes and then I’ll see someone use it and it reminds me how much I like it

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