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Today I am showing you the last of a set of four ATCs I made this week. Creative Crafty Friends is trading ATCs based on the letters T and U and we make two of each. You have already seen Tree, Underwater and Unicorn. Today’s letter T is brought to you by Texture. Hahaha! Did I say that right? Who watched Sesame Street?

Texture to me means a lot of things going on at once. A lot of things to touch and feel and explore. I began with a gelli print pull that I had stashed away for such a time as this. I used bubble wrap to make this print. And I see at least two layers of bubble wrap – so that is two layers right off the bat! I cut out a 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATC and put the rest back in the drawer for another day.

I made this ATC first quickly followed by the three you have already seen. Here you can see I was pulling things out of drawers that I thought could fit anything T and U related. And I just made a big pile on my desktop to get started. I do my best work in a pile of clutter. Hahahahaha!

Collaged pieces are a great way to add texture. I used my Dina Wakley Clear Gesso and the color shaper tool to add bits of a map and a Bible page. Torn edges adhere and stay in place better for me than straight – and it adds another texture layer. I don’t worry about those edges that stick over the sides of the ATC. And no, I did not tear up my Bible to get this piece. A dear friend sent me a couple pages that I am hoarding and using sparingly. I do believe you could find an old, used Bible at a Good Will that could be used for collaging. Or even to become an art journal. A Bible art journal. How cool would that be? Praise and art all at once!

Back to those edges, I just lob them off with a pair of scissors and move on.

Anyone remember these circles? I punched them when I first started trading ATC coins. I originally punched them out of watercolored paper and made them too big. So I went back with the right sized punch and made them smaller. This is the leftover. I didn’t want to waste the rings so I threw them in my collage basket. I have two left after this one. I just adhered this in place with some clear gesso. I could have used my sticker maker but I didn’t think about it till it was too late.

And I trimmed away the excess. By the way – I put that back in my collage drawer, too!

I showed you this stamp yesterday. I chose the bubble wrap stamp to enhance the bubble wrap design already on the ATC. And of course one of my favorite inks.

And stamped some bubble wrap right over the top of everything else that was already on here.

The next couple steps involved Distress Oxide Ink pads in Fossilized Amber and Peacock Feathers. I rubbed the ink pad on my craft mat then sprayed it with water. Then I placed the ATC face down into the color and lifted. The thought was to add some more texture through additional colors.

Mostly the amber didn’t work all that well but the peacock feather worked like a champ!

And where that amber didn’t want to work I instead added some Starfish color from Jane Davenport’s mermaid brush pens. At least I think that’s what they are called.

Reaching into my dark closet I brought out what I thought was a roll of really cool looking washi tape. Which instead turned out to be duck tape but hey! that works, too. Hahahaha!

I wrapped the excess to the back and trimmed off the ends. This duck tape sticks better than washi tape. I may need to make this mistake more often!

The next thing this ATC needed was marks! So I brought out various mark making tools. Actually I have a drawer of those, too! Hahahaha! That could be a whole post of its own. The newest thing I added to mark making is that round clear piece with the handle. It is the top of a tube of Lindy’s Magicals!

That’s a finger dauber – I have a box of about 24 of these. And I have 2 that I actually use all the time. Hahahaha! You just put your finger inside it and stamp on the ink pad, lifting the color then stamp it down through the stencil. Easy peasy. And your fingers stay clean. Mostly.

And those added stars look great, they work on top of gesso, paper, watercolor, and duck tape sort of. And . . . I used another stencil from my stencil stash! Just sneaking them in wherever I can! Hahahaha!

See all those black circles? I made those with the clear top from the Lindy’s. Just stamped it right down onto the ink pad and then onto my ATC. Empty medicine bottles work great, too!

See those green dots? And the pink dots? Those are called Dauber Duos and I bought these probably 15 or more years ago. I don’t believe they sell them any longer but I did recently find a few on eBay. Pre-inked, they look almost like lipsticks and you just dot them onto your paper.

Marabu has some fun product! Acryl Mousse is one of them! Works like texture paste, I used another stencil – yayayay!!! – and my color shaper to scrape some mousse through the stencil and make those circles. I made a bit of a mushy mess in the bottom section but this is all about texture so I am good with that.

Several mark making things happened here. The pink dots came from a Zig Painty FX pen. The green dots are from a Painters Opaque Paint Marker from Walmart. The white is a Sharpie water based Paint Pen. The jewel also came from Walmart about 20 years ago but I know they still carry them.

Black lines and circles kind of segmented the piece. Those were drawn with a Sarasa Fineliner from Zebra Pen.

And just one thing remained. Because this didn’t look complete.

Inked those edges and called this Texture ATC complete √ So, let me go back and see if I can count how many layers of texture were added to this one. At least nineteen layers and possibly more. I was a texture making sucker! Hahahaha!

For the T and U swaps I made a total of four ATCs. And by coincidence, they are all going to the same home. To wrap up, let me refresh your memory with the other three. Creative Crafty Friends is still looking for people who wish to join in on the fun. If you are interested, just click here.

12 thoughts on “T is For Texture

  1. WOW – great examples of Texture!!! I need to use a collage basket, finding items everywhere to do this type work – omgosh the daubs remind me of all the bingo daubers I already have in 10 colors!

    Many thanks for sharing your techniques – Great fun!!!

    • they are very similar and if you google ‘daubers’ those bingo ones are what you find.

  2. Amazing numbers of layers you got onto that ATC. I love that you kept those circle offcuts – thrifty crafting indeed! And I smiled to spot somewhere called Millerton on the map scrap (proof that I’m closely scrutinizing your work too)!

    • haha! I wondered if someone would even recognize where that part of the map is located in the United States. I think someone probably will – good eye on spotting millerton 🙂

  3. Wowza! As usual. What a fantastic ATC. I wonder what kind of texture you would get from the cap off a medicine bottle if you rolled the side of it – you know, if they are the kind with waffled edges.

  4. Just in case anyone asks – I Peter 1:6-8 KJV! Well-what else was I supposed to do when there was some research & identifying to do?? All those types of circles from different sources are brilliant but I love the bubble wrap stamp echoing the gelli pull from bubble wrap the best. Amazing your whole studio isn’t one big collage box! (said in jest of course…….). The turtle ATC is definitely my favourite though.

    • hahaha! I wondered if anyone would comment on that scripture. excellent – thanks! I wish you could come make art – we could do some amazing things!

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