Miya Arts Gouache Tangled


A couple weeks ago I gave you a basic intro to a new product from Miya Arts. They very graciously sent me their gouache and watercolor paints to play with and I chose the gouache to go with first.

As they dry and harden, they also crack and split. And that is totally normal. When I was ready to use them it was as simple as spritzing them with water, then using a wet brush to pick up color.

You may remember this wet tile I showed you. I work with a decent amount of water on the tile, then add the color and spray more water if I need it. I really loved the colors on this tile and just moved this off to the side to dry.

And this is how it looked. I used three colors – blue, purple and yellow. I liked it this way but I wanted more. More brightness. More oomph. Hahaha! You know I did! Although I was really loving that line of color along the left hand side!

I added a bit more blue and more of the yellow. The only water I added was what I used to wet the gouache in my set. Then I let it dry naturally. Interesting that it pulled purple out and moved it along that left side. I really, really love these colors.

Yesterday I used my Sarasa fineliner and a technical pen from Zebra Pen, along with a Sakura gelly roll white pen and tangled up some nebula and printemps. I love the color and it was easy to tangle over. I wasn’t sure how that would work. I did find that a larger nib worked better for drawing on top of the gouache. And while I was at it I prepped six tiles with the Miya Arts watercolors to work on next. I always need some color ready to go! Hahahaha! These colors from Miya Arts are super! And affordable!

Miya Arts Gouache
Miya Arts Watercolor
Fineliner, Zebra Pen
Technical Pen, Zebra Pen
Sakura white gelly roll pen

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4 thoughts on “Miya Arts Gouache Tangled

  1. I agree these colours are really super – plus I love the way the black & white are beautifully bold with Printemps & Nebula tangled, the bolder fineliner certainly came into it’s own with this.

    • it did and I couldn’t have tangled this without the fineliner. that tip made a huge difference

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