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With Inktober being over it is time to go on to other art media. For play time yesterday I pulled out my basket of Marabu Alcohol Inks and some Ranger Alcohol Ink Cardstock and got busy.

Supplies are basic. I am using a Wilton cake spinner, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and my Distress Marker Spritzer Tool.

I began with the Marabu colors Cherry Red and Lemon. I apologize for the shadow. I did these at nighttime. A simple line of alcohol, then add a couple drops of each ink color and grab that spritzer tool. Any kind of air source actually, I just have this and it is what I use.

I kept applying air and rotating the cake spinner until I ended up with this arrangement of cells and color. I did not need to add any more alcohol or color. I was able to achieve this look just by pumping air and turning. Pushing color where I wanted it to go. Until I arrived at something I liked. Then I sat it to the side to dry.

The colors here are vanilla and purple. Yes, I know that doesn’t really look purple but that is what it’s called. Hahaha! Again – a line of alcohol and a couple drops each of the two colors.

I had not worked with the vanilla color before and I really like it a lot! It mixed with the purple and made an almost yellow. And I really like using this spinner/lazy Susan idea for pushing color. It works super well.

I liked that vanilla so I used it again and added magenta to the mix with alcohol. When I opened the magenta it spit little flakes of dry color onto my paper. I was able to remove those with a needle pointed sticky thing. Hahahaha! I am so technical!

Aren’t these colors gorgeous together! I like how the vanilla starts more like a soft caramel, then changes as it mixes and picks up characteristics of other colors. This is such a pretty piece. And it was achieved just like the others – by applying air and rotating the paper, pushing color and forming cells.

Another color I had not worked with is the Gentian. A beautiful darker shade of blue. I put the alcohol down first, then a line of the gentian color. On top of that I dropped in several drops of the Rainbow which acts like an additive. That sparkle you see is the rainbow. Then I applied air and rotated just as in the previous pieces.

Oh wow! Look at that beautiful color! And the little bits of shimmer! Which doesn’t photograph well but I will try to show it to you better in a minute.

I really love working with pink and yellow, so I went to the magenta and lemon and worked my spinning magic. So to speak.

Then I shook on a whole bunch of rainbow to see what would happen. I moved this off to the side to dry as is. I wondered what would happen if I didn’t work with it more, but let it dry naturally.

I also wondered what would happen if I just used magenta with a little rainbow. Alcohol, then magenta, then rainbow, then air and rotate. You get the drill. I didn’t have a clue how this would turn out.

I am thinking I had too much ‘wet’ so I waited a bit, then . . .

. . . dropped on some more bits of rainbow. That rainbow doesn’t really squirt or drop out of the bottle. I have to shake it and fleck it here and there and I am ok with that. I like the way it looks.

And I let them all dry.

Here’s a little bit of that rainbow. Pretty shimmer and shine!

And the magenta one. I’m going to tangle one of these and see how the pens like the rainbow. Science experiment √

And here they are dry. In the order I showed them to you. I love each one. Not a single dud in the group! Hahahaha!

And one I didn’t have pictures of in progress. Magenta and Gentian. This one is beautiful! And I learned the rainbow doesn’t really work if you add it after the piece is already dry.

And a couple detail shots to close. It really is easy to do this. Honest. You just need some isopropyl rubbing alcohol. I am currently using 91%, I have used a lower percentage before. You need an air source – a gentle air source – and you need to rotate your paper. I know people that use an old CPAP machine for air, one uses an air brush unit and I have read about people using hair dryers. Haven’t tried that but if you use the gentle cycle I think it would work. And just push and pull color until you like it. Then stop. And let it dry. Next up? Tangling on one of these and trying some different pens.

Ranger Alcohol Ink Cardstock
Marabu Alcohol Ink
Distress Marker Spritzer Tool

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10 thoughts on “Marabu Rainbow Alcohol Ink

  1. Wow Alice you are having fun playing with alcohol inks. I do like the looks of them can’t wait to see you tangle on them as well. I do have some alcohol inks will see what I can whip up.

  2. Oooooo. That Purple and Vanilla is delicious looking!! Reminds me of a scent (weird I know) called Black Raspberry Vanilla!! I can’t wait to see them tangled in the future. Interested to see if you can draw over the rainbow. haha

    • oh yeah, from the bath store at the mall. you know – the one I can’t remember the name of. I used to buy that scent all the time. what is the name of that store? are they still in business?

  3. It’s the vanilla tiles that fascinate me, looks like hints of yellow in it when mixed with the magenta whereas the purple creates more of a brown spectrum. Oooh, can’t wait to see the pens comparison……………. that will be sooooooo interesting (& no that’s not me being sarcastic, that’s me being, well, fascinated by pen comparisons!!!)

    • I need to work on that. I intend to – just other things happen. and I have a ton of different kinds of pens. it would make an interesting post.

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